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Thursday, June 16, 2005

God Damn Liberals

times at night you're tearing pages to the post
worry calling all your true loves home
that's no way no way to spend your time
you can catch that lightning on your own

A couple weekends ago a very interesting moment happened.

I have discovered a parallel to liberal and conservatism in relation to pornography.

The story starts out with a group of guys wanting to have a good night playing poker, drinking beers, and watching some quality porno when the time comes. So we’re playing poker until a couple guys fall out and get bored.

They play the porno and then poker is officially interrupted and time stops. All the drunks stare at this woman doing… you know.
It wasn’t just a two-bit ‘do something in front of a camera’ thing, this was great stuff!

Near the end of the scene someone blurts out,
“Alright, lets stop it and save the scenes for later.”

Others were like, “WTF?” and couldn’t understand it.
Then the three who wanted this DVD paused were also like ‘WTF’.

Right there, right there, we have discovered the individuals who are porno conservative and porno liberal.

Me, being porno conservative, felt that the porno pallet was already whet and reached it’s maximum potential whereas the others wanted more.

In my view, saving the porno makes the 2nd and 3rd scenes that much better based on perspective. To me anyways, but it wouldn’t have the same effect for liberals.

Let me explain.

Porno Conservative
So say you watch the best scene ever and next is the 2nd scene. This next scene could be the next best scene ever, but it would be ruined because you’ve already immediately finished that first fantastic scene and you‘re not starting from scratch. The full porno potential is lost! The 2nd scene is partially lost from the after effects of the 1st scene.

Whereas if you watch the first amazing scene then go out and, I don’t know--mow the lawn, eat some chicken, change the oil in your car, continue playing poker--you can come back and start the second scene from scratch and catch the full glory of this 2nd scene based on perspective.

After a hard days work you can actually sit down and think,
“That’s RIGHT! I still have another excellent scene to watch!” Bringing endless amounts of euphoria.


Porno liberal
I’m not so bare with me.

Porn never gets old or depreciated. Why save a scene if it has the same effect?
Go out and watch it and enjoy because it’s fun!
A good scene is a good scene!

I think that’s what porno liberals think like, but I don’t know.

There’s nothing wrong with the two because they’re two different mindsets and there’s no use in arguing because people are either born porn liberal or conservative.

You follow me?



Hannes said...

I always thought of Liberal Porn as the really freaky stuff. We conservatives keep our porno clean! The kind of porno you can teach your kids.

Orbitron19 said...

I guess that would make me Porno Moderate...I can see saving a scene for later (when you're alone) but while watching at a party, the scenes continue until you hit a bad one! (And even then you just rip on the "actresses" and move on to the next one.