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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

God, I Love Baseball

hot on your trail blood is red
get on your high horse out of here
if they catch me i am dead
get on your high horse out of here

I completely have baseball fever. I try to listen/watch every Twins game, every White sox game, every Yankees game, any game with a dominant closer, and any game with runners in scoring position in late innings.

Not to mention the games that are in HD on the weekends and NOT the phony FOX game of the week, which is in standard widescreen instead of High Def.
*shakes head* What a bunch of crap that is! Screw those cheap FOX deceiving bastards!

It’s not even the midway point yet and I am completely engulfed in baseball and it’s stories.

Dontrell Willis already has 10 wins and the kids are just leaving school.
-White Sox are getting unbelievably lucky (the stats show it) with the best record in baseball
-The Twins are trailing the White Sox with the third best record in baseball
-And the Yankees suck ASS!

The road trips are coming in fruition as well. I already purchased Twins/Brewers Tix (decent seats btw) and I am in the process of purchasing Twins/Royals tix (damn good seats available so far!).

Last night Santana pitched a complete game shutout and he just might be in that groove again where he constantly flirts with no hitters and finds the power of Sandy Koufax.

Last year at this time Santana had a 2-4 record with a 5.50 ERA…..and he managed to win the Cy Young with a 20-6 record and a 2.61 ERA.

*Jumps up and down acting like a monkey*

He currently has a 7-2 3.31 ERA and it’s not even his favorite part of the season yet. Also, that win total could/should be higher if he would get some run support. Not that a pitcher’s win total really means that much.

It’s gotten to the point where I have my Twins jersey hung up in my living room so I can bask in all its glory when I wake up. I almost want to cry sometimes because IT’S SO MUTHAFUCKING AUTHENTIC!

The NBA Finals are on and I would rather watch a Rockies/Royals game.


Eric Wormann said...

"Suck Ass"? That's inaccurate. Their pitching sucks ass. But there's only 4 teams in the league that have scored more runs. They're one game away from .500, and 6 games out of first. We're not even half way through with the season. They'll finish strong.

Boof said...

Definition: Suck Ass
Any team that gets swept by the Royals with a 200million+ lineup and has lost 8 of the last nine.
Suck Ass.

Eric Wormann said...


(that's all I got)