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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

Alone...listless...breakfast table in an otherwise empty room
Young of her own attention
The, mother reads aloud, child, tries to understand it
Tries to make her proud

There has been a bit of a debate going on about last nights game in regards to the managerial decisions.

Here’s the set up,

Twins Vs. Eric’s Yankees

It’s July 27th and despite the streak of losing due to the inefficient offense, the Twins still find themselves .5 games out of the wild card spot.

Santana (the Twins official unofficial Ace) has just pitched 7 innings of scoreless ball.

He’s got a pitch count of 94 and the Twins are sporting a 6-0 lead heading into the 8th.

Do you:

A: Warm up your set-up man (Rincon) and have your bullpen mop this game up?

B: Keep Santana in there for at least one more inning?

Ron Gardenhire went with option A and Rincon nearly gave up the game literally by about the size of my Johnson or 24 inches.

It’s quite a debate, but I think Gardenhire made the correct decision because of the potential risk.

If Santana were to stay at least one more inning longer he would’ve had to face the top of the Yankee lineup of Cano, Sheffield, and Rodriguez. It’s pretty safe to say that three such batters would need more than six pitches in order for a 1-2-3 inning and even that is a little far fetched.

Realistically I can see Santana pitching at least 12 pitches (due to the late innings and great hitters due up) in that inning bringing his pitch count up to 106 and Terry Ryan pacing uncontrollably in the luxury suite.

To take things even further, lets say he tweaks his arm or suffers a bit of an injury from over pitching (which is unlikely but could happen). That would completely fuck over Terry Ryan and any trades he may be pursing because almost all the trade rumors involved our 4th and 5th starters Joe Mays and Kyle Lohse. Such an injury would mean that they would be moved up to our 3rd and 4th starters with Scott Baker being called up to take the five spot. If one of those two starters is traded then the thought of another AAA pitcher or *shudder* Mulholland is probably considered.

This is even more pesky if Santana were to have a ‘day-to-day’ type injury which could last a week or a month giving Ryan a stab in the dark in terms of strategy. If it were a season ending injury then Ryan’s consideration to throw the towel and grab a bunch of prospects starts to gain momentum.

Either way Terry Ryan would’ve stabbed Gardenhire with a fork many times over.

The reason 100 is the normal cut-off limit for pitches is so pitchers don’t burn out before the post season. I know back in the day pitchers would pitch 150 pitches and start every four days… blah,blah,blah but it’s just not how things are these days.

What Gardenhire did was place the game into the hands of his bullpen, which is one of the best in the league. The bullpen should’ve mowed through the 8th and 9th innings.

Whatever, a win is a win.


Eric Wormann said...

The twins should try to spend a little money and get a big bat like Thome or Griffey.

Hog said...
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Hog said...

That wouldn't be a LITTLE bit of money. That would be a heaping pile of shit money.

Plus if the Twins did that, then who would the Yankees pick up to add to their $3 billion payroll??