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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Hemp Sponsored Entry

Pale sun falls without contest
Here is obedient darkness
He will not return

I have been very lucky this past month to see my two favorite bands perform live. If you’ve read this hip-hoppin blog the past couple of weeks you’ve probably stumbled onto my favorite band. *hint: I wrote about them for a straight week!

As for my second favorite, the Cowboy Junkies have held that spot for the past couple years.

I started out downloading ‘Sweet Jane’ during the ‘I just found Napster and I’m going to download everything that comes to mind’ days. With the downloading frenzy came a lot of mp3’s that were misnamed with people who didn’t give a damn for the band.

For instance The Who’s Baba O’Reilly was called “Teenaged waystland” or the “kewl kommercial songs #4” or “The Guess Who/Billy’s favorites2153”

The ‘Sweet Jane’ cover that I downloaded was said to be sung by Patty Smith. I looked and looked and looked for a Patty Smith album that contained ‘Sweet Jane’ and figured it had to be a B-side and never looked into it despite loving that song.

Then came time to do the marathon long runs of two years ago (I swear it was someone else that ran those). One morning a local radio station (of all things) decided to play that tune. The DJ ramping the song at the end mentioned that it was sung by the Cowboy Junkies.

I stopped running and thought, “Well fuck me!” and that immediately started out my Cowboy Junkies phase. The day after the marathon was the first concert I saw of them and I loved it!

-Great venue (Guthrie Theatre)
-Great crowd (no more than 500 seats)
-Great selection of songs (some slow, fast, acoustic, and creative intros)
-and an egoless band as a result (they hung out after the concert!)

Also, if you were to ask me what band has the best ‘chronological string’ of albums, I would have to go with Pink Floyd with: Dark side, WYWH, Animals, and The Wall. Nothing will ever beat out those four albums.

The Cowboy Junkies do, however, give the Floyd a run for their money with their chronological string of great albums with: Black Eyed Man, Pale Sun/Crescent Moon, Lay It Down for my second favorite albums.

And yes, I am thinking of Led Zeppelin and although their fist six albums are great, I have to confess that I still like the Junkies big three.

Specifically: This Street/That Man/This life, Pale Sun, and Come Calling are about a good as it gets for single songs.

Throw in the Canadian blues track: Townes’ Blues and it’s all the diversity you would ever need.

This last weekend the Cowboy Junkies were in town, actually they were two hours north in Duluth, but it was close enough for me!

They were playing at the Green Man festival which is a big hippy party with people that I graduated with at the former U of M school of Natural Resources (RIP).

Here’s what I have:

As you can see it was a sell out, standing room only crowd anxiously waiting for the next band.
They promised us hay bales to sit on. As you can see there are no god damn hay bales anywhere!

This festival did a great job with the recycling. They even had volunteers stand next to the bins sorting out the misplaced plastics, cans, and other food trays. The goal was to recycle 90% of all the materials that were used. I can't really make fun of that too much.

As you can see the menu was reasonably priced (especially the Pizza Luce) and they had a Vegan menu for such an occasion. If there's one thing I know in this world you'll never find a fat vegan. EVER!!!

Yes, this was the perfect place for conservative republicans. There were many booths with hemp clothes, recyclable shirts, and dreadlocks galore! At one point I had to go back to my car to hide my hardhat that contains the company I work for, a *gasp* corporation!

What music festival would be complete without a blacksmith?

We did have a good view of Duluth from Spirit Mountain (hey, it's a mountain to us).

No, we don't have the mountains of, say the Black Hills (they're actually mountains because they're HUGE) but we do have a couple high points. Actually they hardly compete with any land not glacialized 12,000 years ago. That's a bridge way back there.

Backstage: Man, just think of all the crazy shit that goes on back there! They have trailors, old suburbans, and everything back there!

The backstage bathroom: I bet Mason Jennings is going to take a dump in there!

Tracy Bonham came on at one point during the day. She is/was best known for her 'Mother, Mother' song back in the mid 90's. She played a good set and her drummer did a cool little 'milkshake' solo on his tamborine.
Bonham also performed a fucking awesome version of Black Dog, which blew me away.

Then the crapfest began with Mason Jennings performing a two-hour set. I actually saw Jennings a couple years ago at First Avenue and I'm sorry but his music is crap. All the hippies loved it though

I got really bored because all his songs sound alike, so I took picture of crazy shit. Here are these crazy hippies twirling their batons and hemp hoola hooping and shit. I expected to see the best hackey sackers in the midwest. Instead I got a bunch of high hoola-hoopers.

So I laid down way in the back and took pictures of the clouds because....I was so goddamn bored. Plus the music was terrible!

Green man fever-CATCH IT!

About 100 women and 10 bras.

Finally the Cowboy Junkies came on and I was probably one of five people who were jacked (not a verb I use often...I swear) for such a concert.

I got to talk to this guy (Michael Timmons) briefly before the concert. He didn't have much to say other than, "ha ha, enjoy the concert. Cool! Enjoy the concert."

The lead singer, Margo Timmons had a great voice and nearly all the hippies controlled themselves long enough to listen to the Junkies perform a great *GREAT* set.
Killer solos, great improvs, and even a mandolin!

Well worth the two hours and a sea of dreadlocks


honkeie2 said...

Conserve water and save soap, become a hippie. And wavy gravey is a white man phenomenon that is usually accompanied by Phish music, naked,unwashed, hairy and old/saggy retro hippies. The 60's are over according to my calander.

Anonymous said...

Mason Jennings does not suck. He inspired Jack Johnson to rip off his sound.....wait that doesn't really prove my point. Mason Jennings is a talented musician.

Boof said...