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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

KC Weekend

some of them want to use you
ahh, some of them want to get used by you
some of them want to abuse you
some of them want to be abused

Last Weekend a bunch of us headed on south to Kansas City to see our beloved Minnesota Twins play against the worst team in baseball, the Kansas City Royals.

Before I get into specifics about the trip, I just wanted to give a quick update about the batteries in the back of my car. I finally had to take them out from my back window. As you can see the plastic completly wrapped the crap out of 'em. I couldn't even take them out of the plastic. anyway,

This is Iowa and all it's glory.
Driving through Iowa brings out the craziest of conversations amongst people. For example take our car: we were talking about cursive writing and what certain letters were in cursive all while drawing the letters in the air. Do you remember what a capitol "G" is in cursive?
We also went on to talk about what bugs us most about grammar.

Also, the phrase "gay malaise" led us to talk about "gay mayonaise" and we laughed about it for a good 30 minutes.

When we did end up stopping for gas or food, we would find an abondoned parking lot (not hard to find in Iowa) and bounce the superball.
This is what Iowa does to you, it gives you this natural drunken loopyness.

We finally arrived in Kansas City to attend Saturday's night game. We weren't planning on attending, but some of us figured it was a nice night to catch a Twins whoopin.

This is Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs play. It's right next to Kauffman Stadium.

This is Mikey(left) and *cough* me *cough* hanging out next to the George Brett statue right in front of the stadium.
We met these two guys from St. Louis who told us they would take our picture if I would only take the last two cans of Busch Light off of them.
I had to think about it.

I'm not computer literate enough to crop these two pictures together, but they match up fairly decent.
One great thing about Kauffman Stadium is that the ushers don't have any sticks up thier ass like the ushers in the dome do. In the dome they wont allow you in the lower seats let alone the lower deck without a ticket.
Here you could pretty much sit in any empty seat you choose.
The concorses were open too, so you can grab a hot dog and still watch the game by looking over your shoulder.

These are the seats we sat in on Saturday night. We arrived to the game with the Twins sporting a 3-0 lead and naturally we were walking around with a little swagger.
It was also about 94 degrees with the sun beating down us. I would look longingly at the water fountain just next to us. I really wanted to jump in.
We're just not used to outdoor baseball.

It was "buck night" where they give you a hot dog, peanuts, and a pop for a buck a piece.
I don't even know if this hot dog is worth a buck.

The Twins were playing the worst game I have seen in awhile. In the 6th inning when the Royals were batting they recorded another hit when the place went nuts. Apparently when everthe royals record twelve hits, everyone receives free Krispie Kremes. Apparently 12 hits are a rarety in Kansas City. This night had 21.

The next day it was a tribute to the Negro Leagues and the Twins and Royals were wearing old time jerseys. The Twins had on the old St. Paul Gophers jerseys and the Royals were sporting the Kansas City Monarchs.

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau trying to figure out how they're going to suck today.

Just a picture of the Monarch's old jersey...and a Royals PR person.

These were our seats on Sunday. It was another hot day (about 91) and we were burning up in the upper deck. We were also greatly outnumbered compared to the night before.
During the lineup announcements I was quiet until...
"Now batting third, Joe Mauer." and I was the only one in the stadium cheering loudly. The locals were looking at me like, "Just chill yo".

Here's our cleanup hitting, Torii Hunter, right before he grounded out to third...for the third straight time that day.

In the top of the 10th the Royals pitcher walked two straight batters with only 9 pitches. Here's Jacque Jones just before he *makes fist* swung at the first pitch. He hit a soft grounder to the pitcher.
*clap...clap* yay Jacque!

Twins won 3-2 against the worst team in baseball.
Anywho, we were allowed to run the bases at the end of the game. We ran the bases in Milwaukee and decided that would couldn't pass up the chance. So here is Bob Wells about to run the bases.

Now imagine that you're a baserunner on second and your teammate hits a soft base hit into center.
This is the view you would have just before you round third. Also the home team would have to be so bad that no one paid the price of admission and showed up.

but imagine!

Now imagine that the catcher is blocking the plate as he just catches the throw from the center fielder.

This is the picture you would have before you kick the catcher in the nuts and win the game.

uh... nevermind the lady standing there.


kafumbly said...

awesome, Boof! I especially love the last couple of pics, although they are all great.

Just Beth said...

Excellent pictures--your captions made me laugh.

My friend and I elected not to run the bases, what with the long drive home. Kinda wish we could've, though.

KCTwinkie said...

Our beautiful stadiums... *sniff* Glad you had fun... hot dog looks pretty gross, but dude, it was a DOLLAR!