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Friday, July 08, 2005

NY Vs. Chicago: Pizza

I am just a poor boy,
Though my story’s seldom told,
I have squandered my resistance
For a pocketful of mumbles,
Such are promises

I was chatting it up on Midwestgrrl’s blog the other day. She went to Chicago and I told her a bunch of pizza places to go while in Chicago.

Well, another guy comes in and says that Chicago style pizza is overrated compared to New York style anyway.





How can we live in a world with such blasphemy? How can one stand such hurtful lies in day in age.
So hurtful and unnecessary. So… wrong.

Imagine a Chevy Silverado with all the goodies: moon roof, leather bucket seats, extra cab, bed liner, and that weird see-the-speedometer-through-the-windshield thing.
See it?

Now imagine this hatchback completely gutted out without any seats and without the dashboard.

That, is the difference between Chicago and New York style pizza.

February 1999, East Rutherford, NJ Sheraton

Alvaro: Now that the Nets game is sold out do ya wanna get some pizza and wait for the others?
Boof: yeah I’m hungry as hell. Lets order a pizza.

30 minutes later we get this thin, THIN flimsy thing and it tasted-oh god.
*composes self*
It tasted somewhat sweet.
It was pizza after all, so we did eat it, but if I wanted anything thinner I would’ve had to peel the toppings off the cardboard. (or was that the crust?)

THIS, was my experience with New York Style pizza.
In my opinion, it was weak!

Of course when it comes to food it’s all subjective anyway. I mean I enjoy eating broccoli for gods sake.

New York style pizza makes me want to cry when compared to pizza heaven (aka: Chicago).

I already have some decent plans for next time I head out to Chicago
Friday: Drive down, head to hotel, eat at Unos
Saturday: wake up, eat leftover Unos, go to a ball game (or something), head over to Giordanos Pizza.
Sunday Morning: wake up, eat leftover Unos and Giodano’s and compare/contrast the two, do something in Chicago, eat at Edwardos and stop at Lou Malnati’s, and go home with tons of pizza.

That is what you do when you go to Chicago, eat pizza and go to Wrigley Field.
That’s it.

Chicago style pizza (deep dish or stuffed) is special. It’s thick with topping everywhere: inside the cheese, sauce on the top, sausage inside the cheese… they do whatever they want because it doesn’t even matter.

It’s so goddamn good.

There’s no comparison!

It’s my belief that only east siders brag about NY style pizza because it’s all about representin’ an shyt.

The same goes for me with St. Paul compared to Minneapolis.

Minneapolis probably has the market on almost anything, but St. Paul is better because… it just is.

Monday I’ll have a rant on the All Star Game
Tuesday I’ll have a recap on our KC weekend with pics (that is, if I don’t lose my camera)

1 comment:

Eric Wormann said...

You're judging NY style pizza based on pizza from a Sheraton? Give me a break.

Anyway, it's apples and oranges. Deep dish and NY style are different ballparks. I'm tipsy right now. Go to seaside, NJ and get pizza from Three Brothers on the boardwalk.