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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Waiting For The Worms

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,
year after year,
running over the same old ground. What have we found?
The same old fears,
wish you were here.

You’re all very lucky. Really, you have no idea.

Back in my Marshall days I dedicated 3 hours of college radio toward The Wall. My roommate and friends were getting sick of me listening to Delicate Sound of Thunder all the god damn time.

Since then there has been nothing. No new albums, concerts, set lists, bootlegs, or even anything that’s been remastered except the SACD of Dark Side and the Greatest Hits…and David Gilmour in Concert… and Roger Waters in Concert…and Nick Mason’s book.

Other than that, nothing.

So at around 2pm tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to turn off all phones, shut all windows, and sit three feet away from my TV in anticipation for the Floyd. Don’t even try emailing me either because even that gives a chime.

My whole 3-day weekend centers around 15 minutes of 60 year old’s playing tunes from over 30 years ago….and I’m 25 years old.

If I had it my way I would’ve spent these last couple weeks writing heavily biased reviews of each and every album, song interpretations, and even chord sequences of my favorite songs because I am such a Floyd rube.

The disturbing thing about all that--as if it weren’t disturbing enough-- is that I would love to do that! I could write hours and hours on these guys because they’re so fucking cool and interesting.

I could even tell you about the time my dad caught me dancing in the kitchen to Shine On You Crazy Diamond (the funky riff near the end). He got home from work and saw his teenage son dancing like Elaine Benes on a good day. I think he told all his buddies at work and vowed never to relive that moment ever again.

Then there was the time I was working the night shift at Marshall’s radio station. The morning guy came in at 5am to me almost unconscious with Animals pumped up all the way.

“Have you been listening to this all night?”
“uh, yeah”

Then when I worked for the Forest Service last year we were on our way to Cody, Wyoming.
J: Dude, play some music with a fast beat. I don’t want to listen to that Pink Floyd shit, it puts me to sleep.

Later on he fell asleep and I carefully placed David Gilmour’s meltdown concert in the player.
J waking up: Dude, I told you!
Boof: I uh…pfff…you were sleeping, man.

THEN, there was the first time I ever listened to Dark Side of the Moon at the ripe old age of 16.
my response: Who could ever like this stuff?

Little did I know that I was inserting heroin in my ears because you can’t listen to Dark Side only once.

Realistically tomorrow’s performance probably wont be all that decent. Roger Waters WILL be out of tune and possibly Gilmour’s *shudder* with it.
Nick Mason will play drums, but he may have some “backup” drummer going crazy on his 80 piece drum set.
Gilmour may be forced to perform brief, brief guitar solos.

If you’re expecting to get your cock rocked off then you may want to watch something else because these geezers from the Floyd never moved around in their 20’s so why would they start now that they’ve reached their 60’s?

The main reason why I can’t wait for this performance is Water finally playing with the Floyd. I’ve always been a fan of Water’s solo stuff and I have been waiting patiently for Gilmour’s solo stuff.

Gilmour is a great musician but he can’t write decent lyrics without help.
Waters is a weak musician but is one of the best music writers of our time.

Together they rank up there with anyone, but ‘together’ has always been a problem.

Monday, I’ll have a review of this 15 minute performance.
Because I can.

Again, y’all are lucky!

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Eric Wormann said...

If I had you're phone number, I'd call you every minute of their performance and hang up. Too bad I'll be at Six Flags watching the Gin Blossoms.