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Thursday, July 07, 2005

With Photos

Where oh where did I leave myself today
On the bed, on the chair
Did I send myself away
On a sleepy afternoon
Will I be returning soon

This is a completely worthless entry with the point being to see how idiot-proof posting photos is/are(?). It seems to be pretty idiot-proof.
So I went around and took pictures with my new camera. These are the results

Yeah this is the first picture I took. This is my car and all its' purpleness. I got a package of batteries in the back and...I'm too lazy to take them off. Actually I'm conducting an experiment to see what happens when too much sun hits these batteries. Hell, I could be driving around in a moving bomb for all I know.
Yeah, I like simple things

Hey look, it's duckies! haha Quack, quack! I'm a nature pho-ta-gra-fer
*tear* This is what is left of Samantha. We had a good run *sniff*. It was a whole hell of a lot worse two weeks ago. Now it's just a glorified birthmark. This could also be interpreted as a really tall guy's thigh (if my foot wasn't there). I'm just writing stuff from the top of my head fyi.
I could go for some marshmallows right now.

Not exactly Picasso here. This sign is where nightmares are born. Mostly it's this crude figure of a red guy drowning. It's almost as if there was some guy really drowning and some talentless "artist" wanted to portray the last moments onto an easel. It's like, "HEY I'M DROWNING HERE!" as this other dude just draws this piece of crap. After this dude passed away, everyone said, "Well, lets see how it looks." and pretty much pinned the death onto the "artist". Dude, a guy probably died when they created this sign. That's not cool man! Not cool
This is where it all happens: my balcony. I got a nice road to look at and the sun was shining today. I think it would be neat to sleep on my balcony.
pff I dont know. Uh, check out the chair that wont last another 3 weeks (I bet). It was only $5 and it's a piece of crap!

This one of my two shit kickers that I wear for work. I also got a bunch of other stuff on my table. yeah it's a good boot.

God what a stupid entry.


Eric Wormann said...

Is that a potato wedge?

Boof said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Boof said...

*clears throat*
I thought it would BE good.

Hannes said...

Let's name all items in the photo from left to right.

unsigned birthday card
pack of gum?
PS controller
box of tissues?
stinky shoe
centerfold pull out from porno?
rubber band
movie stub?

Boof said...

haha close.

Actually it's an edition of Maxim
a book of stamps (instead of the pullout)
and an old baseball ticket stub

So you were damn close!

Eric Wormann said...

Jo-jo. Pssshhh. You guys probably say "jimmies" and "tennis shoes" too, don't you. IT'S A POTATO WEDGE! JO-JO IS NOT A WORD!

Boof said...

Oh, I call 'em potato wedges too it's just the grocery stores around here all call them Jo-jo's and it's fun to say.

"jimmies": I dont know what that is.
"tennis shoes": yes they are tennis shoes as apposed to what? sneakers?