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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


And after a while, you can work on points for style
Like the club tie, and the firm handshake
A certain look in the eye, and an easy smile

Local eye doctor, last August

Doctor examining my eyes: yeah, you’re eyes are permanently scarred due to dirty contacts. You wont be wearing contacts too much anymore and if you still wanted to, you’d have to buy these special contacts that cost $200 a pop
Boof: Well I’ll just be on my merry way then
Doctor: You also need an new prescription for lenses.
Boof: But I can see just fine with my normal glasses.
Doctor: Well, I think you should get some new glasses

I was smelling something fishy.

Usual eye doctor, last month (back to the original due to insurance reasons)
I never told the doctor what the other local one said. Basically I was getting a second opinion and having my left “superballed” eye examined from an infection during my KC trip.

Doctor examining eyes: Okaaay, well you’re eyes haven’t changed a bit since 2003. Except what happend to your left eye?
Boof: I got hit in the eye with a superball when I was 18 and It caused some damage.

Doctor: huh? Nevermind, I dont care.

Boof: any signs of diseases or permanent damage?

Doctor: Nothing besides your bad vision, but that’s obvious.

Boof: Nothing?

Doctor: nope, actually your eyes have changed slightly but not enough for you to notice. I shouldn’t think you would need a new prescription. You may need a new set of contacts, but even that could be made a couple months from now.

Boof: sweet, how bout lasik?

Doctor swings his chair over and starts ‘respectin’ me as he gently hands me my glasses: Lasik? Absolutely, I think that would be great for you. You can get a free testing today for our records and all the info you would need.

It gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

I can hardly imagine it, but I’ll try.

I’m very groggy and tired after that huge monster gangbang with the cast of the Facts of Life--yes, they’re all old now-- as my eyelids gently open. Everything is blurry from my squinting and I notice the bright sun subtly trying to wake me up. My eyes open a little more and I glace at my alarm clock that says “11:15am”. Turns out I woke up early.
I sit up and, I can recognize all the books stacked up on the shelf on the opposite side of the room. I can even easily make out my CD’s from twenty feet away! That, right there, is enough to freak me out a little

Something just isn’t right and I can’t figure it out until it hits me, I can see! I check to make sure my contacts aren’t on and to figure out if my eyes itch and are bloodshot red. Nothing.

Just the thought of waking up and not having to blindly remember where you stored your glasses the night before makes it worth it. The thought of watching TV at 2am and, instead of having to take out the saline solution and swirl the water around the lenses, but going right to bed is breathtaking to me.

My vision has been terrible for about 13 years. I can take off my glasses right now and not make out anything on my computer screen. Nothing, not even the ’Works’ icons on the top. Not even the huge start button on the bottom left.

Of course such a surgery costs a pretty penny but I think it may be cheaper to go with the surgery bases on my age and the alternative of glasses/contacts.

And it’s not like my eyes will depreciate in the sense that a car does either.

To see 20/20 again, without the use of glasses or contacts though makes me want to throw up of excitement.

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Hannes said...

This is also a dream of mine someday.