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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Brunette is Better

It's down to me
The difference in the clothes she wears
Down to me, the change has come,
She's under my thumb

I came home at 2:30am the other night and was watching music videos. I usually watch VH1 classic for the hilariously bad 70’s videos (disco), terrible 80’s videos (anything by Peter Cetera), and some 90’s vidoes that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Then there’s Vh1 Jams where they play the newest in hiphop and I enjoy seeing the biggest black asses out there jiggling like black jello. It’s quite hypnotizing!

I’ll also flip to Vh1 country to see what all the fine women in country (most notably Sara Evans). Sometimes I’ll turn the volume off if it’s just stupid, but most of the time I’ll daydream about how I wish more women would turn “country”. I’m talking about worn out jeans, a belt, maybe a plaid-like shirt, and those cowboy-heal-things that they wear. I also think women wearing cowboy hats is incredibly sexy too.

As I was watching I noticed a great looking tall brunette singing about a Mississippi woman. I was watching with a slight line of drool from my mouth because this woman was incredible. I have always been slightly in tune with the country scene to know the artists/hotties, but I couldn’t figure out who this was.

You know who it was? It was none other than a brunette Faith Hill.

Talk about enhancing ones’ beauty. She went from a 6.5 to at least a straight 8 (insert joke here).

I will fully admit that I am a dark hair, dark eyes assman meaning, if a woman has dark hair, dark eyes, and the slight bulge from an ass, I’ll be needing a restraining order in no time!

Add a cowboy hat and I’ll spontaneously combust.


Then I stumbled onto the newest annoying song by Gwen Stefani. I’m usually too tired to try and figure out the story behind Gwen Stefani’s “cool”, but I do know that the video features a dark haired Stefani.

My heart skipped a beat when I first saw this video. “Who the hell is that?” I asked because no way would Gwen ever go away from her trademark blond hair, right?

She did in this video and she went from a 6 to an immediate 9 because, HOT DAMN, she’s looks great as a brunette!

That got me thinking about Jessica Simpson who is regarded as one of the sexiest women alive to everyone except me. Although I have nothing against blondes none will ever make my top 10 list including Mrs. Simpson because I prefer dark hair (and women who aren‘t dumb as all hell).

However if she turned brunette, I may actually find out first hand why everyone thinks she’s so sexy. Why oh why wasn’t her ‘Daisy Duke’ part cast with her in dark hair like the original?

If she was to have any sort of a brain (and that’s debatable seeing as she could be ‘acting’ dumb to gain ratings) she had definite potential to be a “10” if she were a brunette.

Then if she was to wear a cowboy hat….


Orbitron19 said...

Dude, I agree that Faith Hillis hot, but ANY WOMAN in a cowboy hat is just obnoxious and/or drunk & obnoxious! At any concert, sporting event bar or nightclub--find the girl in the cowboy hat and she's the most annoying one in the bunch. Now about those jiggling black asses.....that's the reason I love BET! Check out "Caliente" on Univision on Saturday sometime--it's like a hot Puerto Rican version of 'Soul Train'.

Hannes said...

Christina Aguilera, the brunette version, is interesting. Hot? Maybe, but it's just so different that you're basically in shock more than anything else.