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Monday, August 22, 2005

Crap and Smiles

These are your good friends and I like them fine
These are your old streets and you know them well
This is not my town and it will never be
And it will never be..... ours

Today I’m not only going to give you a crap list, but I’m going to give you a smile list or ‘good things’ list. Last week sucked and since things have gently turned around, I really don’t feel like ending an entry with nonstop bitching.

So here we go.

Crap List

1. Last Week
Did I mention to you that last week was one of the most horrible weeks I have had in the last couple years? When it comes to bad days I understand their use and their place in life. I believe we need bad days in order to maintain perspective on an everyday basis. Afterall, without the bad days the good ones wouldn't be as good. I believe I’m a very low key person and I don’t let a lot of things bother me because no one is more frustrating to deal with than my mom. Everyone else is a piece of apple pie compared to my mom, so I believe I am very tolerable and understanding when it comes to bad stretches. Once in awhile I’ll have a day where I’ll get so frustrated where I’ll throw my phone, yell in my car, and desperately try not to scowl at everyone but those days happen maybe once in a great while.

I had like three of those days last week.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I lost a family member and/or ate a pinworm and/or suffered a Joe Theismanesque injury (tangent: btw, I finally saw that injury a couple days ago. It was everything I dreamed it would be.). Those are elements that indeed contribute to ’bad days’, so I’m putting my bad week in terms of a 2nd tier of bad days.

Oh yeah it was a week where you depend on certain people to be at work (because certain people are ALWAYS at work) and all of the certain people decide to take vacation at the same time.
It was the kind of week where some backstabber takes a misunderstood quote from you and runs with it all the way up the flagpole. Twice.
It was the kind of week where you need to piss people off as part of your job.
It was also the kind of week where you lose a bunch of your prized possessions.
I’ll need a pen at a certain time (and I always have a pen in my pocket) and there’s not one god damn pen in a 100 sq ft. radius.
Where I’ll have 5 people that need something all at the same time.

I believe it was a week where God is playing with a ball-in-cup and I must’ve laughed one hour too long at some god joke so God decided she was bored and said,
“hmm let’s go pick on Tom this week”

And I took it.
Here’s some more stuff of what happened this last week.

2. People talking and talking and TALKING
I think I mentioned it before how I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone last week as a result of my bad week. Well, I ran into a couple people that just would not shut up.

For instance, I’m doing some computer stuff at work where my coworker comes up behind me and sits on my desk. I’m doing my best to ignore them until I finally have to turn around and acknowledge their presence.
“What’s up?”

“oh nothing much”

GUH, he had nothing!
For the next hour I had to listen to him go on and on and ON about stupid shit. I would give all the nonverbal signs of being board with deep sighs, the subtle rolling of the eyes, and basic inattentiveness but nothing worked. Finally I had to make something up just to get out of there. It was just ridiculous.

3. Arguments
I hate arguing. I hate it because no one knows how to argue and no one cares to know. One person’s contention will be a general point and the rebuttal will be a specific anomaly that they will argue and argue.
When I lived with my cousin we had these stupid arguments every god damn day and it drove me insane.

Therefore if you ever meet me, if you have a point to make I’ll respond in basic agreement just so I don’t have to be stuck in an argument. It works most of the time except when someone mentions stuff like,

-Pete Rose should no-doubt be in the hall of fame
-Pink Floyd was a drug band
-no ones better than Brett Favre

Or something completely fucking stupid where I just can’t resist such a hanging curveball.

I know I shouldn’t get into these arguments but I just can‘t resist.

Last week I had a huge argument about oil (of all things) and the guy who I was argueing with were completely lacking any knowledge on the subject. I’m not saying I was right, but I was looking for the guys to meet me halfway. No, for every point I made I was rebutted with some ‘off the wall’ anomaly with everyone completely supporting such a contention.

So I end up looking like a horse’s ass while they walk around with swagger because they could effectively convey a bullshit point.

Ok I’m done being pissed


1. Twins winning a crap load
Twins swept the Sox and now are only 2.5 games in back of the wild card. Oh that’s better than last week when we were 17 games out of first and 8 games out of the wild card chase.

2. Blockbuster coupons
I just got back from Blockbuster where I receive a crap load of ‘$1 off’ coupons were given to me as a part of some anti-trust lawsuit. It wasn’t expected and I probably wont use half of them, but it’s still unexpected and nice at the same time.
Naturally I came home, cut out these coupons, and rolled around with them in bed

3. A good conversation
After my family get-together on Saturday, I went to catch a drink with my friend TA (how appropriate) and it was much needed venting fest. It was one of those ‘deep’ conversations where you both are on the same page and talk about your past and the environment around you is nonexistant. It was a good time (almost special) and I think she had fun too.

4. Caramello bars
Mmm these are bitchin

5. That bad-ass full moon on Saturday night
That was surreal! I didn’t want to go bed it because it was so cool outside.

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