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Thursday, August 04, 2005

I remember when...

I have run, I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls
Only to be with you.

I’m just doing a little reminiscing.

I remember….
-We drank pop in glass bottles. (I wish we’d go back to that. There’s just something to drinking from a bottle that can easily cut of one’s jugular.

-Wearing socks with three huge stripes on them. I had red strips with a blue one in the middle and they would nearly go up to my knees. I was afraid of the super long ones because I didn’t want to resemble a basketball player. (I don’t know what that means. If you can imagine it, I was a weird kid)

-Across from my house was a wide open field. (now it’s totally build up and the slums are about a mile away)

-I would see salamanders (Haven’t seen one of those in a LOOOONNNG time.)

-My parents always buying me and my brother those candy cigarettes when we were like less than 5. We would walk around the grocery store with fake cigs in our mouth because we figured, “that’s what you do”. (little would I know that I would grow up to be an avid non-smoker)

-When Optimus Prime died. (I was in tears at the movie theatre)

-Everyone had friendship bracelets (except me because those were stupid)

-Everyone pinned their pants (except me because that was stupid)

-Everyone got their ears pierced (except me because that was stupid.)

-Being deathly afraid of flooding for some reason. (Whenever someone would run bathwater or turn on a garden hose, I would just freak out. I must’ve been cow that died in a flood in a past life.)

-OK Soda (the only time I would call anything “soda”. The phone number was great too.

-How much of a thrill it was when your parents would go on a field trip with your class. (It was always a great feeling saying ‘that’s my dad’ at school.

-Eating cereal all day long. (There was nothing to eat so I would eat cereal and play Super Mario Bros. all day long)

-How much of a Nintendo freak I was. (I loved the NES. I subscribed to Nintendo Power, knew the friggen CEO, and studied walkthrough for games that I would never play.)

-How I would bring a piece of plexiglass to school, for no reason other than it being cool. (Haha, I think that’s the funniest ever. I got this question sometimes, “Why do you have that?”

“Because uh, it’s cool! Duh!”

-Those desks that flip up and everything associated with them. How I would randomly throw junk in there until it was just a consolidated mess. Then there was the trick with the glue where you dump a bunch of glue in the sides where the pencils go. After a day the glue turns into nothing more than a stick of dried up glue. For some reason that was cool

-Those pants called “jur-bo’s” or whatever. The $50 pants with the name tag on the crotch.

-How our lunch lady in elementary school was the spinning image of Stephen Tyler. (I just got cable in 1989 and I saw music videos for the first time. I saw one of the Aerosmith videos and wondered if the lead singer of Aerosmith was the same person who would force me to eat those shit burgers they made. Lunch lady by day, famous hard rocking sex symbol by night).

-The day we got cable (it was a magical day where I didn’t want to be anywhere other than our TV and watch Nickelodeon all day and all night.)

-The first album I ever had, Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits. I played the hell out of that tape. Lucy, The Gambler, Through the Years, Ruby Don’t Take your Love…

-lugging around a giant jambox around the house whenever I wanted to listen to a tape. (It’s unbelievable how easy it is to bring music anywhere now.)

- Watching the ‘91 World Series (little would I know that it would be a true moment in time)

-Both Grandpa’s being the greatest people ever. (I loved playing with both my grandpa’s because they were so carefree and funny. I can’t wait until I’m a grandpa.)

-Our old brown ‘78 pickup that would make loud ear piercing noises and you could see the road from inside.

-Being a John Elway, Jose Canseco, and Denver Broncos fan and I have no idea why that was the case.

-Being the worst kid in church by far. (farting noises, constant moving, going to the bathroom, arguing with my Mom… and it goes on.)

-slip-on shoes with the “rude dog” thing all over it. (Man I would wear those shoes forever)

-Being a toddler and watching Benny Hill with my dad. (True Father & son bonding right there)

-Zoobaz and all their glory. (Nowadays whenever I ask someone “Do I look like someone that would own a pair of zoobaz?” Even the most quiet person will respond in a resounding “yes”. I always found that interesting.)

The funny thing was, I actually owned a pair or zoobaz shorts that I would use as my sleeping shorts.

Do I sound like a person that would own a pair of Zoobaz?


Eric Wormann said...

I wear a pair of Chicago Bears Zubaz to sleep every night.

Boof said...

That's awesome!

ash said...

Optimus Prime dying really was an emotional moment. Still, the whole thing with him being resurrected in the 'sequel' was stupid.
Oh, am I the only one who remembers that?