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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Introduction (one year later)

Have you ever satisfied a gut feeling
to follow a dry dirt road that's beckoning you
to the heart of a shimmering summer's day?

Baaaaahahahahahha, wuhuhuhuhuh, blahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

Somehow, someway I have managed to write miscellaneous crap five days a week for a whole year. In no way am I trying to stroke my ego, but I honestly think about the 260 (or so) entries I have written and just laugh.

For the year anniversary I thought I’d make fun of my first entry.

The Introduction
This is the first official post for the "groteskberg" blog
(yeah, whatever the hell it is. I think I maintained that title for a whole 3 minutes before I changed it to 'Bergblog'), so ya better warm up a new pair of pants. (Whatever the hell that means)
This blog will mostly focus on my thoughts
(blink:blink) (bwahahahaha, it's so stupid it's funny)
...and of course other topics.
I imagine I'll talk about Minnesota sports, movies, music, and current events and ,of course, the campaign. (Ah the 'campaign' You all may remember me and Hog were competing for President of the United States. I held a commanding lead of 12-7 for a good month in a half. Then Hog totally stuffed his own ballot box and won 13-12. He didn't really win Presidency because George W. actually won with over 42 million votes. He came close in general--and I mean general in terms of if there were votes totaling in the quintillions--but we both had a good laugh for a couple months.)

I'm running for president with my old boss at the liquor store, Sean D.
We'll win, dont worry. (we didn't)
Yeah, we may not be rich, and powerful, and we may be lacking in the 'who you know' part, but whatever. We just need about 220 million people to write my name in the ballot.

no prob man!

The GOP is holding a party, that should be a enough to write about for awhile. (actually the Democratic party was worse with, "I'm John Kerry and I'm ready for duty" cornyness. Yuck. I've learned that all political rallies are pretty dumb and the people that jump up and down are kinda crazy)
They know about morality by the way! (That's pretty much a prediction because one of the main issues people voted for G.W. was for his moral issues. Yeah I'm awesome.)
I plan on resurecting the crap list from our bad-ass college radio station. (still intact)
I haven't figured out which day, but my sources (me) believe it will be a Monday thing.
So to start out, here is the First Grotesktom craplist! (haha, yeah now it's just a 'crap list')

Well that was one of the most worstest entries I have written (this stupid 'look back' entry) and here's to another year of complete idiocy.

I should point out that as much as I love writing these entries it's the great people you meet in the process that makes the whole thing so satisfying. So to Ron, Eric, Hannes, Aliekat, MG, lycradog, Ehren (man, those names make this seem so nerdy haha), the lurkers, and of course my 'real life' friends I thank you for putting up with this and if you ever see an idiot wearing a Twins cap, tell him to buy you a drink because it could be me


Aliecat said...

congrats on a full year!

Eric Wormann said...

I don't talk to people who wear Twins hats.

Boof said...

same goes for me with yankees hats. I like to patronise them. haha