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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kathleen Edwards Review

I'm a man on a mission
Straight ahead, less talk, more action
With no distraction (Ooooo)
I'm on a mission

Geez, we got like 6 of our crappy infielders in the lineup.

In the topic of music it seems that if you are a band from Canada the statistics show that I will enjoy your music.

Cowboy Junkies
Sarah Mclachlan
Bryan Adams
Alanis Morisette (at least her latest stuff. None of that cackling, whiney stuff she started with)
Patty Griffin (from Maine which is pretty much Canada)
Pink Floyd (has nothing to do with Canada whatsoever)

The newest edition to the list is a woman who I actually watched as part of the Gram Parsons Tribute Concert (mmm graham crackers) and I couldn’t even hear her singing. Kathleen Edwards was performing with John Doe (I guess that’s his name) and they were sharing a microphone singing “We’ll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning”.

The song starts and Edwards moves closer to the mic for a verse as Doe looks on. Edwards sings and looks into the eyes of John Doe. Doe’s eyes immediately hit the floor and Edwards loves the power she suddenly possesses. The song continues on and she continues to stare into his eyes that are fixed on the floor when she puts her arms around him. Doe’s eyes grow wide and shuts them as the comfort level diminishes. Doe, singing blind, now is trying hard not to dry hump Kathleen Edwards on stage and Edwards knows too well the predicament Doe is in. Suddenly Doe opens his eyes and there is Edwards donning a huge grin two inches away from his face, Doe closes his eyes immediately until the song reached its’ conclusion.

Women are the god damn devil as far as I’m concerned because if I was Doe, I would lay her flat on the stage and begin to… talk about the current economic structure in major league baseball.
Inappropriate I know, but it’s hard to give into temptation.

Actually If I were Doe I would give her some great dry humping action on stage which would lead to a permanent Gram Parson’s banishment and a restraining order.

Last week a coworker of mine mentioned the music of Edwards and it sparked my interest enough to purchase her latest effort, Back to Me.

Edwards has solidified my formerly weak stance that alternative country is the one of the best genres of music around. The mix of country, rock, and slightly vindictive nature in the lyrics makes for one damn good album.

The whole feel of the album seems to be a subtle backlash against the overproduced and overdone voice overs that seem to plague Sarah McLachlan’s latest effort (although it’s still decent) with the stripped-down guitar and drum setup. The voice is not over-refined either as some lines will be sweet with a hint of bitterness, which bode well with the wonderful slide guitar and 12 string.

Speaking of slide guitar, this album fulfills my need for such an instrument with songs like Copied Keys and What are you Waiting For. The title cut is also a good primer for the album and not just the 'typical popish single’ (which title cuts usually end up being).

If that wasn’t enough she’s touring with My Morning Jacket in October.
Tickets are $18. *gasp* which is $160 less than the cheapest remaining ticket for the Rolling Stones.


AND… the concert is on a weekend!!!!!

Hell yeah.

So, to wrap up everything, yes, I would dry hump Kathleen Edwards.

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h said...

Alt-country, southern-fried rock. Fuck yeah. Thats my music.