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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


If you're ever in Houston, well, you better do the right;
You better not gamble, there, you better not fight, at all
Or the sheriff will grab ya and the boys will bring you down.
The next thing you know, boy, Oh! You're prison bound.

It seems that the NCAA is doing something about the nicknames to some of the colleges that contain “sensitive” mascots.

I could care less because I believe that if the actual people the universities represent are angry then perhaps a new nickname should be used. It’s really that simple because the Sioux (if they are against North Dakota using their name) should have the right to say, “Fuck you, now remove it or give us half your money”

It’s only fair.

What they’re doing in college is miniscule compared to what is already in professional sports. I’m talking about a name and a logo.

1. The Redskins
Not exactly a decent way to call native Americans now is it. I mean when I went to kindergarten and we reenacted the first Thanksgiving the teacher didn’t say,
“Ok kids, pilgrims over here and Redskins over here! Now after the redskins joined the pilgrims at the giant table they passed around the mashed potatoes and gravy along with the turkey. After the dinner the Redskins and the white folk were friends forever!”

Because that’s what happened….. Right?

Perhaps a name change should be sufficient with a name like “Redskins” for Gods sakes.
This is the same city that changed the name of it’s basketball team to the Wizards instead of the Bullets. They changed that because ‘bullets’ is far more insulting than ‘Redskins’.


2. Let me paint a picture for you,
First off, lets say they’ve gone without any sort of a symbol throughout their history.

I’m working for the Cleveland Indians as an office bitch when the owner approaches me,

“Boof, I want you to design a symbol for our Cleveland Indians. Something that gives ‘Indians’ some dignity, something that says ‘watch out’, something that will boost merchandise sales.
Can you do this for me Boof?”

“Yes sir, I’ll stop by your desk tomorrow!”

So I spend no more than a half an hour that night coming up with my logo. I come in the next day and I show him this.

Boss’ jaw drops

In Gomer Pile-like way I ask: “How’s it look Boss?”

“Wh-wh-who is that?”

“That’s Chief Wahoo!”


“Yeah, I thought it looked neat!”

I mean really! If I, of all people, think it’s touching on the level of inappropriate, then it’s not anything to consider let alone think of.

I’m a baseball purist at heart, but the whole Chief Wahoo thing is slightly unbelievable.

Anyone ever see the movie “Ghostworld” where Steve Bucemi shows Thora Birch the old logo of the “Coon Chicken” place? It’s along the exact lines, but I think the Wahoo thing is even funnier/more inappropriate.
Funnier in a ‘shockingly, scary, ridiculous depiction of Native American, I can’t believe they sell merchandise and they’ve gotten away with it for this long’ type of funny, which is my kind of funny.

I mean look at this:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that’s so fucking ridiculous!

Indians, who represent all Native Americans, who ate thanksgiving turkey with us whiteys (riiiiiight), who were forced to Oklahoma via trail of tears and then kicked out, A subject which has been the biggest hushed-over topic in American history.

And we name a baseball team “Indians”,(which is fine if the real native americans are okay with it) and we give this team the ’Chief Wahoo’ logo.

It’s as if a team were named the ’Christians’ and the logo depicted a smiling Jesus with Smiling Romans nailing him to the cross in an ‘insane acid flashback cartoon’ sort of way.

I don’t know-I think Christians may find that a little inappropriate.

Just a little though!


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. I think everyone needs to pull up their panties and quit being such cry babies over stupid shit like this. Or no, I have a better idea, let's get the government involved and make them step in and take control over it.

I'm an American and I don't appreciate the term Yankee. So I'm deeply offended by the team name Yankees, so I think that New York should get a new name.


I like to wear red socks and I feel that the city of Boston is mocking me and I demand that they change their name as well.


When I drink I sometimes get a little out of hand and crazy, some might call me a bit wild. How dare the state of Minnesota name their hockey team after how I act. God damn it, I demand JUSTICE.

Give me a fucking break, I think that the world has more important things to worry about other than what a PRIVATELY OWNED franchise likes to call themselves. So until you people own your own pro franchise, go eat your carrots, hug your trees, save the world, ad shut the fuck up!

Boof said...
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Boof said...

no offense but those are stupid examples and the point 'privately owned teams should be called whatever they want' is just idiotic.

Rachel said...

Have you read the thread about this subject in the Batcave yet? There are some interesting thoughts on the subject.

Orbitron19 said...

It's not stupid to stop using offensive Indian mascots--Chief Wahoo being the worst of them all--what's ridiculous is the NCAA saying it's offensive during the postseason but leave the regular season alone!
I think this country is too PC for it's own good, but this is a hurdle that's about an inch high! Anyone with common sense would have said "Fuck it, the Indians, redskins & Braves go. That's like calling a team the 'Little Black Sambos' or some anti-semitic name.

Hannes said...

This is a funny read