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Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend With the Family

I've got ways to make you hear me
just by whispering your name
I've got ways to make you think
you'll never be happy again

I guess it wasn’t that bad. I made it out to be amputation and in the end it was just a minor bruise.

The Christmas party went on last weekend and it actually had it’s share of tender and fun moments. All 7 families were represented and only 8 of the 15 cousins showed up along with woman at the center of it all, my grandma.

It started out with my brother and I haphazardly buying ice cream and other miscellaneous crap. We woke up, called each other in the ‘tired voice’, and actually bonded knowing our mom came up with the lamest party ever. ‘Take me out to the ballgame’ was the theme and with it she packed a huge Rubbermaid bin full of baseballs, footballs, a volleyball, golf balls (?), and a hockey puck (yeah, I don’t know WTF either).

We arrive to one of my uncles already hanging out with is gf (or is it his wife?) talking to my parents. For such a themed party I wore my old Twins jersey.

“Hey Tom. So… are you a Twins fan?”

AAAAAAH RIGHT THERE, right there is what I’m talking about! Here’s a guy who I share some genetic traits with, who has known about me being alive for 25 years, who doesn’t know the one OBVIOUS thing about me.

Therefore, you all reading this right now know more about me than at least one (probably more) of my uncles. Of course it takes two people to make a conversation, but I’m sick and tired of the same old ‘so are you going to school now’ crap that happens every year.

We also had a gift exchange and last Friday when I went to best buy, I had, what seemed to be, a great idea. I would buy one of the best movies in the world (The Godfather) and combine it with one of the worst in the world (Glitter) as part of a ‘doublepack’. Oh if you happened to be at the Oakdale Best Buy you may have heard a ‘I’M A COMEDIC GENIOUS!” coming from the media isle.

Think about it, my uncle opening up a gift and, with great joy, screams, “Wow, The Godfather and….Glitter?” and I was sure someone would get it. I was sure of it!

Of all the gifts, mine was the last to be selected, and sure enough one of my uncles such a gift.
*opening the gift* “Wow, movies! I got The Godfather and Glitter!” and a wave of ‘ooohs and aahhhs’ came from everyone. I looked around and nothing. NOTHING! No smirks no smart remarks nothing.

Joke, wasted! Arrrggggh!

We did have an excellent game of softball between all family members and it was just an all out good time for awhile.

One amazing moment happened when my cousin showed us his picture slide show to all the family pictures we had over the years. It had some very good background music along with some pictuere some of us never thought existed. It left a bunch of people in tears and was beautiful. When my cousin started the show my mom would make some sort of comment after each picture. My grandma (mom's mom) got a little irritated and said,
"(name) please stop it." in quite a pointed way.

My mom stopped and my jaw was sagging on the ground. I have never seen my mom actually listen to anyone before and my grandma just comes along and tells her to shut up...and she listens!

The slideshow was beautiful, but that moment was priceless!

It was also nice that we hosted the event because I was able to ditch when things got boring and come home to watch the Twins crapfest because I am a Twins fan ya know.

Tomorrow I talk about Kathleen Edwards.

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