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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fair Fotos

I kiss the world goodbye, only after dark
Nights with the city lights, only after dark
Run like the wonder way, only after dark

Whatever amount of money I'm spending at the fair tomorrow I'm going to match it plus $50.

Yeeaaaaaaaaaah, that was a pretty stupid thing to say because it was worse than having the blasted Best Buy Rewards Zone card at the fair. Whenever I would look at the nearest Pronto Pup stand I would ask myself if I was that hungry to buy another one. Then I would think of all the deaths, foul smelling water, an entire metropolis destroyed from that horrible disaster. At that point it wasn’t a matter of buying one-it was a matter of how many I would buy.

Whenever I was thinking of purchasing French fries I would think of all the orphans and how their lives have been turned upside down. So instead of the regular size fries, I would order the giganto, American sized fries instead.

I found out pretty quickly that such a deal was a bad idea at the Minnesota State Fair so I just decided to donate $100 toward the Red Cross. (Please donate or volunteer by the way…)

This was the bus that took us to the fair. As you can probably tell it was stellar fair attending weather. Total number of people on this city bus: 2 haha

These 'butterfaces' (ha, I'll be here all night folks) are just another tradition which is held at the Dairy building. The butter busts are kinda freaky if you ask me.

Apparently the artist interpreted this woman as a block head (ba-dom, CHING!)
It was crazy cool outside. Here it is pouring rain with the sun shining through.

The rain let up enough to allow me to take a wazzer in this, here fine building. (note to self: try not to wear sandals in a bathroom that has been used by ten thousand fair goers next time.)

This was a futile attempt at capturing a picture of a rainbow.

What a cool looking sky!

So me and T decided to catch the REO Speedwagon/Styx concert from here. We were chatting it up until some lady came up behind us and said,
Lady: My friends didn't show up to the concert. Would you guys like to go?
Boof: huhuh, sure!

So we went and saw the a good portion of Styx's setlist. It's a good thing it was a free concert because otherwise this dude would've really pissed me off. He was doing this weird belly jiggling, butt wiggling, freaky white man dancing. At one point I thought he was going to shake his cock 'n balls at everyone.

The concert wasn't that bad. The keyboardist had a revolving keyboard, so he would walk around posing in circles during his keyboard solo. Like I said, It wasn't a bad concert...then again it was free.

I actually decided to go to the fair again on Sunday and before I go further I wanted show everyone my prized winning "Jesus tan". I'm pretty sure Jesus had a tan somewhat like this back in the day.

Hey kids this is what we call a 'clusterfuck'. Say it with me now, 'Clus-ter-fuk'

"Help save the children."
"Take part in disaster relief." Baaaah shutup!

The people in orange represent about half of the people that work at the Cheese Curd stand at the fair. The line is always huge but it goes fast.

This is pretty much the same as posting pornography.

Question: Only ___ can prevent forest fires? You chose 'you' meaning 'me' which is incorrect.

hmmm hehehee pffff hehehehe haha


Damn, that's one big ass pumpkin. It weights as much as 4.5 Boof's.

hmmm I think it's time to enjoy another exquisite gas station sandwich.

This is probably the coolest dude in the history of the world. Notice how his collar is 'popped' and the aura that surrounds him. I bet all the ladies see that 'popped' collar and flock all over him. You can even see the kid in front of him pointing at his aura.

The thing about this ride is if it were to ever break down... it would take at least four days to bring someone over to help relieve the problem. *shakes head*

Always a popular choice for any job interview.

more clusterfuck action...

This is where Marney Gelner gives her Twins Pregame Show. Let me reiterate, Marney Gelner's ass cheeks have touched this chair multiple times! I'm not worthy.

Time to go and these were the bitchin seats on the bus ride back. Until next year I guess.


Eric Wormann said...

When collars pop, panties drop.

Anonymous said...

Clusterfuck definition? A gaggle of people???

Orbitron19 said...

Too fucking funny! The 'Jesus Tan' & popped collar are priceless! WTF with teenagers wearing polo shirts with the collar up? Don't they know how stupid we lookied in the '80s doing that shit?
Free concerts ROCK! I'd see Michael Bolton & Kenny G if it were free, just to rag on the people who paid.

h said...

Tell me you didn't eat at the 'deli express' stand. Please for all that is right in the world. Please.

Working on Monday I had to listen to Switchfoot from the grandstand. Put 'you' and 'suck' together to make a sentence, repeat it loudly in their general direction and you understand they're christian rockin' ability.

Also in explaning they were Xtian rock (weirdos) I got into a conversation in how a co-worker met Scott Stapp (or whatever his stupid name is) and Scott told him they 'weren't a fucking christian band.' *shutters*

Aliecat said...

In the words of Paris Hilton, "That tie is hot."

Boof said...

Clusterfuck is indeed a crap load of people in a relatively small space.

And no I didn't actually eat any gas station sandwiches.

Also in the case of that tie, if you look next to it they had a tie with 'The Last Supper' on it. Leonardo's priceless work can now be worn on your torso whenever you want. haha

Aliecat said...

Berg, you'd be proud, I made it to the fair for the first time since I moved here 5 years ago. Yay me!

And, holy crap! My word verification was frickin long: figkwnly