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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Really quick bits

We are swimming with the snakes
At the bottom of the well
So silent and peaceful in the darkness where we fell

-I cannot begin to tell you how much of a meathead Mike Tice is. Although I can’t say he’s doing a terrible job this year (I didn’t watch the 2nd game) I can tell you he’s saying all the wrong things.
At the press conference he spoke about how all the fans who will “rip” him probably couldn’t afford the price of admission, which somewhat slights fans like myself.
Not to mention the owner (whom didn’t hire Tice) is desperately trying to get a new stadium passed and I’m sure he doesn’t want his head coach disregarding Viking fans who are not rich.

So later this week he apologizes. Cool, we all say stupid things, no problem.
Then yesterday he comes on the radio and says that some of the fans are mullet heads (which some are). Granted it’s funny, but you’re the head coach who just criticized a portion of the fans last Sunday.
Alright whatever, later he talk about how the Twin Cities media is so negative and is worse than the New York media in terms of such negativity.


The Twin cities media is more negative than the New York media.

Help me out here Eric, that’s gotta be a load of shit.

-I love those new Milwaukee’s Best Light commercials. It makes me think of all the times I should get bonked for all the non manly things that I do.

-Today I got the Patty Griffin live CD (BONK)

-The Dove bar I ate said that I should take a hot bubble bath tonight. (BONK)

-The new video game I got sucks because I’m too uncoordinated to figure it out (BONK)

-It’s so cold that my nipples are popping out (BONK)

-People are bitching about the visitor’s locker room at Iowa’s football stadium. The visitor’s locker room is painted pink with foofy little rugs and little flowers everywhere. I guess there are some professors that are offended by the idea because it “demeans women”.
God damn, people really gotta get a grip. They sell pink Daunte Culpepper jerseys for god’s sake.

-I have been caught being too selfless in the last month. Both times I have unconsciously apologized for taking up their time and after the fifth apology the other person will practically punch me in the face for apologizing so much.
Such potential punching leads me to the question, How does one practice being selfish?

-God damn Cleveland Indians, they had the Division pretty much handed to them on a silver platter and they go and fuck it up. Damn they had the chance to blow out the overrated White Sox but NOOOO.

-that’s all I got.

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