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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Superior Hiking Trip Part II: The Search for Cheetos and Porn

I know this love is passing time
passing through like liquid
I am drunk in my desire...

When we last left you we were in Day 2 at about the 4 mile mark. We were supposed to hike 9.9 miles for the day, but.... that wasn't going to happen.

This was at the 5.5 mile mark at "Section 13" which is a hotspot for bitchy rock climbers. We told these climbers that we were filming a documentary on rock climbing and that we forgot the camera.

More section 13


Then we saw this guy hiding next to a tree.

At Section 13 it was about 5pm and some of us were dead tired. There was a campsite here and we utilized it. We had some other campers that thought the same thing.

So the next day we had 10.1 miles planned...

So we went to a garage sale instead. There were four little kids managing this garage sale with a bunch of kiddy stuff and construction equipment. I'm pretty sure their parents pissed off these kids and left for Vegas which allowed the kids to hold a garage sale sponsored in part by spite.

I was a firm believer in that sponsor so I bought a halogen light for $5 and Teal bought a come-along for $4. The kids also threw in a pair of work gloves for free. We bought that stuff and ran before daddy came home.

We stopped at Temperance State Park to catch the views. It was beautiful. This little cove had tons of fish and people were catching something about ever 5 minutes.

Very Beautiful.

This little cove was very shallow in some areas that you could see the giant salmon. There were a lot of "ooohs" and "aaaahs". The more fish we saw, the more Teal grew curious. He then had the idea to stop at the local gas station and buy some makeshift fishing supplies and a day license.

It was also decided by Teal and H (who lived with me for two years, so he should know) that if I was to ever "loot" a store that I would run out with a big bag of Cheetos and porn.
I really can't argue with that except that it would be Doritos, milk, and weird as that sounds. Anyway this is me dreaming of all the Doritos and porn in the world.

So we left Temperance and allowed Teal to shop for fishing supplies.

Okay, here we have two kinds of fishermen: the real fisherman and a "ghetto" fisherman. Notice that the real fisherman has a pole. Okay now notice Teal, without a pole, merely holding onto fishing line and hoping for the best. Finally notice the real fisherman looking at Teal like WTF are you doing?
For the record Teal did get two bites, but each bite took a hook. After two bites, the dream was over.

H and Lisa were watching this whole thing play out. H went exploring and Lisa decided to take a nap on the rocks.

That's when I had the chance to bash the crap out of Lisa with my water bottle right there on the Temperance State Park.

We then found a campsite about a half a mile from the nearby trailhead. Everyone say hi to Lisa!

This was our campsite. It's amazing that they don't charge for such beautiful sites.

The stream near the campsite.

They even had a latrine built at this place. Except that it was in clear view of the Superior Hiking Trail. If you could imagine a family walking the trail, taking note of all the trees and wildlife when little Billy points and says,
"Look daddy, that guy is taking a shit!"

We all slept under this tarp for the night. At around 4:30am it started pouring out so we all had to pile in under this thing.

On Monday we left camp and decided to spend some time in Duluth. This is the famous Duluth lift bridge.

And finally here is a sponsored bench in Duluth. That got me thinking, with me being such an "assman" I think if there was a bench in rememberance to me, it would be the ultimate grave. Just think of all the asses that would touch my bench! Me, being immortalized by an assprop.
That's awesome!


Tomorrow, I bitch about football.


Aliecat said...

I'm jealous. I didn't get to go camping this year. I was all set this June for the MN Local Music Fest, but it was canceled due to poor marketing (only 20 people bought tix). Did I mention that it was supposed to be held at a nudist campground! Oh, the stories I could have told!

Nytro said...

oh god... i went on a camping/hiking trip in july and almost ended my own life. it was then that i decided that being a city girl with the lable and all is okay with me. i don't need to shit in the mountains to prove i'm tough. i prove it everyday when i take on the SUV's on my commute to work. shitting in the wilderness is for the birds.