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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Bloggers Eulogy

Hey Tony, what's so good about dying
I think I might do a little dying today

I saw the bad news today.

Rewind the tape almost three years ago when I was hungry for Twins information in December and there was nothing out there. Every sports outlet, message board, and talk show was talking about the NFL and the upcoming playoffs and rightfully so. The Vikings were in the midst of a terrible late season collapse (wow surprising, I know) and I needed to know more about what the Twins strategy was for the next upcoming year.

Haphazardly stumbling around the internet superhighway, I found the perfect Twins site, Twinsgeek. Here was a site that threw out compelling statistics AND explained them so a dumbass, like myself, could understand it.

This was where I first found out about “blogging” and it hit me like a Rick Ankeil fastball.

The writing style of “Twinsgeek” was deep into statistics but had the perfect balance of comedy and sarcasm. I couldn’t stop reading due to such a writing style that didn’t contain the standards associated with “professional” writing and it wasn’t all over the place like some free associated , cracked out blogger’s was. Oh the comparisons, the options easily laid out for Terry Ryan, and the characters (TVoR, The chatty chatty princess, and his counterpart Aaron) were perfect. He also went against the stupid internet accented gestures like “lol, sk8er, GFY” and had his own creations like my favorite,

John had his own style and what started out to be “Twinsgeek” turned into a major Twins blog associated with the Minneapolis Star Tribune where his readership skyrocketed, and so did the time associated with such a blog. After a year or so of spending so much time and money into such a blog, he decided to call it quits to focus on his career and family.

In his last entry he quotes
“I’m burned out by a thousand little flames.”
which is understandable and heartbreaking at the same time. The thought that one of his most popular hobby was “destroyed by the weight of numbers” sounds like a total “Catch 22” (A creator would love to have popularity with tons of people, but it’s those tons of people that destroy the creativity).

Johns blog was definitely an inspiration and it honestly does suck that he’s not going to write on a daily basis anymore, but I supposed everyone’s going to end their blog somehow and someway (we can’t possibly continue to do this, can we?).

That may have been the nerdiest thing I have ever wrote. I’m going to go hunting now and swear while doing so.

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