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Monday, October 24, 2005

Dreams Do Come True

i've been up and down this highway and i ain't seen a road sign yet
it's a cold hard world baby you gotta hang on to what you get
i don't believe in miracles but that don't mean they don't come true
well i may not get to heaven but i get a little closer when i'm with you

The cold, dark morning stings as the clouds of despair and controversy cover the once full and beautiful moon. The neighborhood below is full of old neighbors who are mean, crude, and can’t help talking about glory years of the past. This is without a doubt the toughest, most historic neighborhood in the county and times are now extremely tough.

The house that sits to the northwest portion of the neighborhood has been hit hard by the fall. Two weeks ago the tenants decided to take down a couple walls and managed to damage the main support. Now things are eerily quiet in this purple downtrodden home. Despite the tenants, the damages, and the condition; the fire still burns deep into the basement.

The cool October breeze blows through the neglected window of the purple house causing the tattered curtains to console the wind. Catching this breeze inside is a photo album filled with 45 tear stained pages of hurt, heartbreak, and misfortune. Within the book there are happy memories, but at this point these pleasant moments fuel the evil, hurtful moments in time.

Directly east lies the meanest, ugliest neighbors around. Within the house painted with ugly yellow siding and green trim is the raunchiest tenants one could dream of. The owners constantly brag about their past and smugly forget about the present. The neighbors are very religious in that they worship their maintenance man who gets the job done, but is abruptly aging at an accelerated rate.

Last Sunday the Packers played the Vikings in a game that had as much feeling as the Superbowl. Granted, winning wouldn’t bring all the accolades, but losing would definitely have a similar feeling as losing the super bowl. 40,000 scarred fans led the team as they were caught in stupid irony of chasing cheerleaders out of the symbolic scavenger’s ship. Still, the fans believed with red, embarrassed faces.

After ninety minutes of hopelessness the fans and team seemed to be in that all too familiar state of disbelief and disgust. There was no hope in sight as the Green Bay Packers were destroying the Minnesota Vikings on the Vikings home field. How low could everything drop?

Then with a brilliant shot from the west the clouds parted just enough for a little trickle of moonlight to hit the house of painful memories. One drive, touchdown pass. Another drive, touchdown pass and before anyone knew it, the Vikings were leading with two minutes remaining. Then came the much worshipped messiah now with the ball and driving the Packers down the field for the lead or at least the tying field goal. Fans watched with bated breath and everyone could see the future.

With one kick of the ball the game with the weight of two franchises was now tied with 30 seconds to go. On came the kickoff and the Vikings offense with 30 seconds and one timeout.
Pass complete for 12 yards.
Tick, tick, tick.
Quick 11 yard pass to the sidelines with 2 seconds to go.
The bumbling coach, without any more options, sent out the kicker for an unheard of 56 yard field goal. No one believed and hope seemed to be hidden away amongst the Packer fans anticipation.
The ball exploded from the kickers leg. The fire still roared well beneath the demolished walls and the moon still shone down on the house. The ball was straight and millions of fans watched wide eyed as the ball reached it’s height and still maintained it’s path.

Sure enough the clouds parted, petals dropped, and the kiss warmly embraced to the up-stretched arms of two unknown strangers. The kick was good and for one moment politics didn’t exist, money was not an issue, and dreams had come true.
The Vikings beat the Packers.

Back at the neighborhood, the morning light pushed away the previously cloudy sky. For one morning the house in the neighborhood was free of the dark dreary days of its’ past and instead looked forward to the sun’s red sky of the East.

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