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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Music for Today

Way out here working on the docks,
Everyone sees the long day through.
Oh, what would I do without the nights and the phones,
And the chance just to talk to you

Yesterday was a semi big day for music in the world of Boof. Two new albums came out and an announcement that I waited 5 years for was finally confirmed today.

First things first,

1. My Morning Jacket, Z
I first came tuned into MMJ from a friend on a road trip to Northern Wisco. The music was very raw and the singer had beautiful/unusual voice. The songs were generally slow (which is good for me) and the music was very diverse. I was hooked and immediately looked for that album (At Dawn). After days of looking at different used music stores (because Best Buy was not going to shelve it), I decided to look online where it was like $20 for some stupid reason. I caved in and have been happy since. I then went to their show and was a general fan.
This album Z, seems to be a tad different than their others. At least the first two songs seem to be that way because it’s all that I have listened to.

I am excited that MMJ is touring with Kathleen Edwards who I was singing praises for a couple weeks ago. Get this, the concert is only $18! For a guy that continues to pay at least $50 a ticket, this could be the biggest bargain concert (save for that free Sammy Hagar concert in ‘98) I have ever attended. That and it’s a small venue. Thank god!

2. Sara Evans, Real Fine Place
Now I would be totally lying if I said that her beauty had nothing to do with me buying her latest effort because she is the hottest piece of country ass these eyes have ever seen. I would also, however, be lying if I didn’t buy it based on the music because her last couple albums have been steadily played on itunes for as long as I’d figured out itunes.

Again, I only listened to the first few songs and so far…bleh. The first song (coalmine) seem to be a pathetic attempt to steal the Dixie Chicks fan base with the bullshit ‘take-me-back-and-bang-me’ theme. Then the pictures….BOOOOOOOO. Sara Evans, in the cover and liner notes, seems to have the resemblance of Michelle Tafoya’s older, pathetic, over-the-hill sister. I mean the unbearable fake-bake job and that fucking makeup make her seem like a 12 year old girl’s play puppet instead of a true beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still hit dat, but her stock has definitely declined. She does seem to have bigger breasts though.

But the music (ah yes, the music) hopefully turns around.

Note to self: Try not to be such a vain somma bitch all the time.

3. P.U.L.S.E finally is confirmed
The only VHS I have ever seen and actually been amazed at the picture quality has been this last Floyd concert. The sound, lightshow, and music automatically make this the best concert video ever. EVER. After waiting forever, it’s finally been announced that the concert has been converted to DVD, 5.1 surround, and loaded with extras

Anyway, My Morning Jacket and Sara Evans are a weird combination of music to buy though. That and bottled water, WTF?


bigg_pappa said...

Yeah, but would you hit this?

Oh, you probably shouldn't click on that at work, kids. And look around a little bit; somebody just hacked into her Sidekick (ala Paris Hilton a few months ago) and there are some NICE pictures floating around the net somewhere -- can't find them at the moment. Good searching, squad! Tonto, grab the vas, Sahib, you're on paper towel duty! Hut hut hut hut hut!!!

Aliecat said...

You should check out the new Atmosphere CD too, that is, if you're into hip hop.

Boof said...

bigg pappa meet aliecat
Aliecat meet bigg pappa

You both are Atmosphere fans from what I know

Aliecat said...

Pleased to meet you bigg pappa!