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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Quick Bits and Links

And the days go by....
like a strand in the wind
In the web that is my own...
I begin again

-I was watching the movie “Dave” earlier today. Everytime they reference a sandwich, it makes me hungry. I get especially hungry when he tells Sigorny Weaver about his “special” sandwich. I bet it’s got some ham, some beef sticks, gravy, mashed potatoes, and marble jack cheese in it. That would be a special sandwich. Mmmm, I should make a special sandwich sometime.

-Late Sunday night I was also watching Costas Now with Bob Costas and he had Pete Rose on. The more I think about him and see him, the more angry I get. Hall of Fame pitcher, Jim Palmer and old tennis player John McEnroe joined him as they talked about baseball. Of course the ‘betting on baseball’ topic came up when Pete Rose blurted out what made me spit my pop all the way out my apartment and over my balcony,
“I care about baseball! I care about this game!”

I stood up and started yelling at my TV,
I then noticed where I was and decided to change the channel…

(warning: this may only interest me so skip it or bare with me)
-So I switched the channel to the movie “Sideways” starring Paul Giamatti (Pig vomit from Howard Stern’s Private Parts) and Hayden Thomas Church (wings), which is a very good movie. After fifteen minutes of watching I went to to see the trivia with this movie.

As it turns out Paul Giamatti is the son of the late Bart Giamatti (commissioner of MLB from ‘86-’89) and it was Bart who banned Pete Rose from baseball.
“Well I’ll be god damned.” I said as I nearly shatted myself because I had no idea Pig Vomit was the son of one of the most respected commissioners of baseball.
With my hatred of Pete Rose still in my blood from his insane comment, it became clear that Paul Giamatti was the ultimate protagonist.

-I love writing quick bits

-Lesbians in the WNBA? Naaaaw.

-This blog is supposedly worth $3,951.78 according to this site. Who’s wants it?

-The new Gatorade commercials that have the best known shots in sports only with different outcomes is very disturbing to me. I was at Buffalo Wild Wings last Sunday when I spotted Dwight Clark dropping that famous touchdown pass from Joe Montana. I was like,
“Woah, what the hell was that about?” and then they had Michael Jordan missing a famous shot, Jeter not making that famous play against the A’s, and other things.
That got me thinking, if they were to show Kirby Puckett striking out in game 6 of the ‘91 World Series, I would probably have a heart attack. Seriously, it’s not something I want to imagine ever. I would probably throw up.

-I just found out that the movie, “Elizabethtown” not only features the music of a couple favorite artists of mine, but they’re actually in the damn movie! Patty Griffin actually plays a family member in Orlando Bloom’s family (I think). Then My Morning Jacket (Saturday night at Quest club) is Orlando Bloom’s brother’s band in the film.
That’s bloody crazy!

-My fantasy football team has now won two games in a row and now my overall record is (2-5)

-I bought the new special edition of Titanic on Tuesday. Let me tell you, there’s nothing manlier than walking up to the counter, opening up the rival store’s ad, and then telling them that this movie is cheaper at Circuit City than here and that you would like the discount on this movie, Titanic. It’s still one of my favorite movies though. I’m not afraid to admit it.

-I’ve had a tummy ache the past couple days and I’ve quickly figured out that it isn’t what I’m eating. It's that the god damn White Sox are probably going to win the World Series. Mark Buerhle is going to win a world series. I’m going to throw up. Then again, the Astros are hitting as bad as the Twins did this past year.


BiggPappa said...

Tom; big ups for the fantasy football success. I can tell you leave a lot of blood, sweat, and tears out on the virtual field.

Oh, and don't cross BiggPappa; right?

Hannes said...

"It's that the god damn White Sox are probably going to win the World Series. Mark Buerhle is going to win a world series. I’m going to throw up."

Clean-up on isle 7!

The Steph said...

I had no idea that those Giamattis were one in the same family. And I consider myself pretty up on that kind of useless information (although not really movies...but at least the people in the movies.)

Also - you are the only person I know who writes longer blog posts than I do! Good job.

BTW - Ron made me read your blog. So blame him! And ask him about my movie knowledge. That will give him a good laugh.