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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Boof: Status Quo

Well there's a light in your eye that keeps shining
Like a star that can't wait for the night
I hate to think I've been blinded baby
Why can't I see you tonight?

Man, there’s nothing going on.

I love fall and everything but once the leaves have all hit the ground and the World Series is all over with there is nothing except football. Then football is really good if you A) have a football team worth rooting for B) have a college team worth rooting for and/or C) have a fantasy football team worth rooting for. None of which apply to me.

I’ll talk about myself I guess…

Ambition: I’m seriously looking into enrolling into a technical college and learning about electricity. I figure that with all the options my natural resources degree is granting me (researcher bitch, soil analyst out in the boonies, poopsmith) that I should look into other areas. I have also been increasingly frustrated when talking to my old classmates and that they have applied to all the jobs that I have applied for meaning that we’re all trying to compete with each other. I guess that’s what all college grads are doing, but there is just nothing out there. Plus, if the whole electrician thing pans out, it would increase the likelihood that I could work around renewable energy in terms of wind.
Then plan B: I’d just go with the whole electrician thing because they’re always in need.

Housing: Last year at this time I was debating the whole renting vs. buying debate and I believe I have solved it: I’m buying. I’m going for a house if I can find one that wont completely fuck me over financially. Realistically I’m thinking town home, but if a genuine home comes on the market I would definitely look into that. As of right now the whole process isn’t scaring the hell out of me like it did last year, but the thought of having a town home/home is sounding pretty nice. Also with the rent increasing to $777 in February, I figure it’s a wise decision to buy.

Love: hmmm let me list off a bunch of possibilities that prevent me from this
-too picky
-I make excuses
-I’m too bull headed
-I actually don’t look for sex
-I don’t get drunk enough
-I generally dislike and think people in my age group are dimwits
-eharmony is a fucking rip off
-I’m too nice
-my mother didn’t love me enough (bwahahahahaa it’s true but I still think it’s funny for some reason)
-I list all my excuses in a damn blog.

I mean I know for a fact I can’t just be with someone for the sake of being with someone because once the sacrifices start, she’s out the damn door. I truly believe there is someone out there for me and I very much long for her, but where the fuck is she? Is her country singing career preventing her from me humping her leg and thus, being mine forever?

That and my whole night gig is probably a big factor.
What really frustrates me is when I do develop a connection with someone, the feelings are never reciprocated. There always seems to be someone I am attracted with and I enjoy talking to, but it’s just friends. Baaaah! I’ll get my moment in the sun, I know it.

Family: doing well. I stop by to steal their vacuum cleaners nearly every week. Bro is consistently working as a sheet metal worker and going to school for such work.
My Dad is totally consumed into NASCAR. He’s got a huge shrine at work with 40 die cast cars. Other than work, NASCAR seems to be his life
My Mom is doing alright. She clearly needs something to do and to get out of the house, but that’s been the case for years.

Health: Great. Running and lifting three times a week and it’s not even a chore. I’m hoping *hoping* that I’ll have the mindset to actually run gma’s next spring. I gotta just to get it over with.

-I can’t wait until the baseball season next year. Oooohohohoh the roadtrips.

-I am now addicted to BW3’s boneless wings.

-this miscellaneous section is far, far less deep than the others.

-I really like the Teriyaki and the Smokey southwestern sauces the best on my boneless wings.

All in all I am feeling quite jolly and I could be happier and I could be much, much more sad.


BiggPappa said...

The boneless wing. Who are they really fooling? Come on, what the fuck good is a chicken's wing if there aren't any bones in it? Does the American consuming public really honestly believe that there is a whole special species of chicken bred specifically for the fact that they do not have bones in their wings, making them fantastically easy to eat in a fried state? Gosh, I'd hope not. My recommedation to you is to a.) keep it real, dog and b.) go eat some wings at Shorty & Wag's on Nicollet and 38th (I think that's the cross-street.) They don't mess around with no stinkin' boneless stuff. That is about as useful as a kneeless Culpepper.

Aliecat said...

Don't get me started on eHarmony...grrr...

Eric Wormann said...

No one likes people their own age. Go for a nice older woman.