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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A "Higher" Entry

Drifting, drifting, drifting along.
I rid myself of worries, and the worries were gone.
I only run when I want to and I sleep like a dog.
I'm just drifting, drifting along.

Well I’ll be god damned.

The Vikings still didn’t score an offensive touchdown, they were dominated in total yards, playing outdoors, in the Meadowlands, against one of the best NFC teams and they managed to win.
THAT WAS CRAZY!!!! How the hell did they beat the Giants?!??!!

I’m still stunned!

Crap List

1. Notre Dame’s “higher” education
I can’t stand watching the Fighting Irish for a number of reasons, but the number one reason is for their shameless Jesus toting commercials. Every college commercial will feature the campus, notable areas of achievement, and a couple professors. Not Notre Dame, they have someone praying with a candle for admittance into the university.

I think I’m going to puke.

THEN, they show the tag line “A Higher Education” and they tilt the camera up to the blue sky as if Jesus was smiling right back at you.


So….apparently one is more “godly” or is more heaven bound if they shell out the cash to attend Notre Dame? It’s probably the center point as why so many people have a hatred for the university. What really makes me sick are the people that will fall for such a ridiculous and shallow advertisement.

If Notre Dame’s going to use that “card” I have a better idea,

Have a typical University-type advertisement showing all the aspects of college life except use Jesus as the new freshmen. That’s right, have the stereotypical Jesus walking around campus complete with sandals and backpack--heck, even throw in a pair of thick glasses while your at it. Throw in some Creed or Scott Stapp behind everything too.

Show the campus life with Jesus walking to class with a HUGE smile on his face and donning a Rudy-esque lettermen’s’ jacket. Then show Jesus sitting in class raising his hand to the world renown physics’ professor. Then show a Notre Dame football game where Jesus is the mascot and he’s doing the pushups to the Irish’s score. Finally, show Jesus walking out of the tunnel of Notre Dame stadium throwing his sweaty towel to a young kid along with some gold ticket that says “Admit one- Heaven”.

The End.

At least it wouldn’t be subtle.

2. The Housing market
I just don’t like it. I really don’t like anything associated with buying a house: mortgage companies, realtors, and almost all advice given to you by people who are thirty years older.

I collected a couple cards by more realtors and every mug shot looks so corny. Talking to realtors (at least the ones I have spoken with) seem so transparent. At least with buying a car there are ways to find objective information.

3. That “story” on the front page of Saturday’s Pioneer Press.
This ranks right up (or down) there with me announcing a missing coin purse when I worked at the Marshall radio station. On the front page of the Pioneer Press was a story about people loosing their money in a pop machine.

And the Pioneer Press “Watch Dog” was there to investigate said pop machine.


Here’s an excerpt:

"I put two or three dollars in it sometimes, and nothing comes out," complained Leon Mastel, a junior at Harding.

On behalf of all post graduates who are living check-to-check,

There is a good ending to the “Watch dog” report because in the end, the vendors came and fixed the broken pop machine.

*head in hands*

Lately the local media has been rightfully criticized on how it creates and over hypes the news and the Pioneer Press has managed to do the opposite by presenting completely NON newsworthy type petty shit around the metro area. Isn’t there a mysterious blimp going around town or a crackdown on speeding on the freeways to attend to?

Hey Watch dog, Macaroni and Cheese gives me the shits, go and crack down on that one!

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