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Friday, November 18, 2005

It's Friday Already!

When you call my name it's like a little prayer
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know I'll take you there

If you take a humble white guy who’s won one big game in his life and take a fifth string running back who shakes everyone’s hands after a touchdown, you have a what is called a Wisco orgy. Everyone who I have talked to from Wisconsin this week has been spooging over Samkon Gado.

“oh what a great story”
“What a team player”

Oh shut up! The way I see it, he’s just part of a long line of players that will probably tear an ACL. I don’t mean to be mean but didn’t Ahman Green and his backup, Najeh Davenport, and Javon Walker all have season ending injuries? All had injuries and I’ll just say it was with an ACL because that’s what it always is.

That said, it’s Packer week once again and this time it’s on Monday night. What disappoints me even more is that Culpepper wont be the starting quarterback so the packer fans can leave saying,
“Well at least we don’t have a N**** as a quarterback.”

*smiles* it just doesn’t get anymore dignified than that.


Philadelphia @ NY Giants
Not that I’m complaining, but why does the number one fox crew always broadcast this game? What is so sexy about this matchup? Oh and can we forget about mentioning about that former Eagles receiver for one god damn minute?
Giants 27 Eagles 13

Arizona @ St. Louis
Hahaha Denny Green really turned that Cardinals team around didn’t he. Bulger should have a good 600 yard passing game.
Rams 41 Cardinals 18

New Orleans @ New England
The Pats gotta be pissed for playing such mediocre football. They’ll whip ‘em good.
Patriots 33 Saints 10

Oakland @ Washington
I really like this game: Moss Vs. Moss. The game is at Washington, so they should whoop it up.
Redskins 27 Raiders 17

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore
Steelers 17 Ravens 10

Jacksonville @ Tennessee
Jags shut the crap out of the Titans
Jaguars 24 Titans 6

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta
Now that Tampa has Simms as their quarterback, they suck.
Falcons 20 Bucs 10

Carolina @ Chicago
Thank you Carolina defense! The only factor that allowed me to win the last couple weeks. I won by 3 points with Carolina scoring 18 points for me! Oh that was sweet, SWEET!
Carolina has to win again this week. They have to.
Panthers 21 Bears 3

Miami @ Cleveland
Great moments in fantasy fooseball history: Knowing that Santana Moss was going to play the tremendous Bucs defense I actually done the unthinkable, I benched Moss for Chris Chambers. Moss would’ve scored me 7 points. Chambers scored me 18.
It should also be known that I benched Portis for Tatum Bell and that was a bad decision.
Dolphins 20 Browns 17

Detroit @ Dallas
Ah the battle between the Thanksgiving whores before Thanksgiving.
Cowboys 27 Lions20

Seattle @ San Francisco
Okay Shone Alexander can stop scoring touchdowns at anytime now…
Alexander 31 49ers 13

Buffalo @ San Diego
*shudders* I don’t like this one too much.
Chargers 35 Bills 10

NY Jets @ Denver
This one sucks too….
Broncos 41 Jets 3

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati
Ah yes, the game of the week! The Colts are about due to lose any week now and I think the Bengals may be the best team to do the trick. I’m going to bet that Carson Palmer carves out the Colts defense.
Bengals 28 Colts 27

Kansas City @ Houston
Chiefs 33 Texans 17

Minnesota @ Green Bay
Well the Packers did beat Atlanta on the road… Then again the Vikings beat the Giants on the road too.
Everyone expects Jesus to throw 4 touchdowns to Gado for this game. I’m thinking…
Bwahahahahhahah oh it’s too good.
Heh…. Hehehehehehehehehheeh bwehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehe
That’s right….

That would be awesome as all damn hell!

Packers 24 Vikings 10
Prove me wrong guys, prove me wrong

Table to come later…

Philadelphia @ NY Giants
Eagles GiantsGiants Giants Giants
Arizona @ St. Louis
Cards Rams
Rams Rams
New Orleans @ New England
Saints Patriots
Patriots Patriots
Oakland @ Washington
Raiders Redskins
Redskins Redskins
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore
Steelers Steelers
Steelers Steelers
Jacksonville@ Tennessee
Jaguars Jags
Jaguars Jaguars
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta
Bucs Falcons
Carolina @ Chicago
Panthers Panthers
Panthers Panthers
Miami @ Cleveland
Dolphins Dolphins
Browns Dolphins
Detroit @ Dallas
Lions Cowboys
Cowboys Cowboys
Seattle @ San Francisco
Seahawks Seahawks
Seahawks Seahawks
Buffalo @ San Diego
Bills Chargers
Chargers Chargers
NY Jets @ Denver
Jets Broncos
Broncos Broncos
Indianapolis @ CincinnatiColts Colts
Bengals Bengals
Kansas City @ Houston
Chiefs Chiefs
Chiefs Chiefs
Minnesota @ Green Bay
Vikings Vikings
Packers Packers
Last Week9-5


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