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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Moment in Time

Standing in the dock at Southampton,
Trying to get to Holland or France.
The man in the mac said, "You've got to turn back".
You know they didn't even give us a chance.
Christ you know it ain't easy

Monday morning, 9am
The radio turns on and I slowly roll over to my other side as I listen to the morning opinions on the Vikings and any other news that is note worthy for the first half hour of a program.

"Now this is a story. It is reported that two Carolina Panther cheerleaders were arrested in Miami for battery after the two were having sex in the night club’s bathroom."

My eyes popped wide open and I quickly rolled over (carefully) to listen to some more of the story.

Actually that’s all you have to know, two NFL cheerleaders having sex together.


Forget the troops for the time being or any Monday morning quarterback discussions, this was going to dominated all news that had any part of a male demographic.

This news solidifies the hopes, dreams, daydreams, and (more importantly) our imaginations that we‘ve had for years . Never before have we (men) ever though such a scenario would ever play out.

It did though
This wasn’t just a bunch of fakey cheerleaders in some porno flick and this wasn’t Cinema’s ‘Tampa Bay Breastaneers'. This was real NFL cheerleaders! And they had sex with each other!

Simply amazing. I honestly couldn’t think straight--er… clearly today.

These two cheerleaders, although they have been terminated by the Panthers, just fucked themselves into a winning lottery ticket. Can you imagine the demand for such a simulated remake of the event?

Just to recap: Two NFL cheerleaders had sex with each other.


1 comment:

BiggPappa said...

Boof, let's just say that a little creativity, willingness to cross dress (just for the sake of the mission) a plane ticket, lots of booze, and just a twist of luck can get you some hot action with a Panthers Cheerleader. Oh, and can you come bail me out of jail? There be a lot of bullish-type ladies in here that aren't so happy I am not that into them. Please come bail me out!