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Monday, November 28, 2005

Walk The Line Review

I know how to play this game
one, two, three and I'm safe
count real slow to five
you couldn't keep me around if you tried

I am now completely addicted to the music of Johnny Cash.

The movie is awesome and Reese Witherspoon and ‘something’ Phoenix do a fantastic job portraying the lives of John and June Carter Cash. The story is remarkably similar to Ray Charles’ but Cash’s has more key figures and the creation of rock and country.

The best part of the movie is the music. I have always had the sentiment that country music is crap and since working at an AM country station, I have lifted that notion and started listening to a little country. The movie shows how the earliest country was quite similar to the controversial, new and fast music that Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis discovered in the fifties. The movie also gives a great frame of reference for Cash’s music through the early years.

I already bought the soundtrack that contains most of the music actually sung by Phoenix and Witherspoon and they sound great! When I was little I would make fun of country by exaggerating a twangy woman doing country music and that is sort of what Reese Witherspoon sounds like in most of her songs. The thing is, she sounds great.
She looks better than ever in this movie too. I think it’s all due to her being a brunette instead of her obnoxious blond hair and previous movies. I mean every blond actress needs to make the jump into brunette hood. It’s worked for Faith Hill.

As for Phoenix’s songs, they’re a bit updated with the drums actually being audible as opposed to the actual 50‘s songs. I’m not sure what a hardcore Cash fan has to say about the new vocals but they have me hooked.

This movie has me by the nose. If producers were trying to direct this movie toward the suburbanite, mid-twenties demographic, I would definitely be a sheep. I have already bought “The Essential Johnny Cash” to which I have found that it is the censored version. Yeah, there’s nothing better than to listen to a great story and hear an ear piercing “BEEEEEEEP” tear through near the end.

It’s the best movie to come out since Cinderella Man.

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