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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What a Great Coach!

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This is the latest article by Sid Hartman (the worst columnist and biggest ass kisser around).

Mason: Gophers simply unprepared

The U coach said Saturday's humbling defeat at Iowa came as a result of everyone doing a poor job of what they were supposed to do.

Gophers football coach Glen Mason didn't make any excuses Sunday when he talked about Saturday's 52-28 loss to Iowa. [Boof: I bet he does.]

Mason didn't want to take any credit away from the Hawkeyes, but at the same time he said, "I'm just telling you we did a poor job of coaching, we did a poor job of playing, we did a poor job of getting the team ready, and everybody's got a piece in that. [Boof: Oh everybody does? Sounds like the head coach sat on his ass, but he wont take credit for that. Ether way, it sounds like a great game plan!]

"I wish I could come up with a definitive answer for everybody out there to make them feel better, but you can't because it's unexplainable." [Boof: How about... all we do is run because our quarterback is terrible and everyone who we play knows that.]

A year ago, when Iowa beat Minnesota 29-27 at the Metrodome, the Gophers outrushed Iowa 337-6. [Boof: yeah...but we lost]

Saturday, the Gophers managed 15 yards on their first 11 rushing plays and on their next seven tries they picked up only 29 more. They did not reach 100 yards rushing until it was garbage time. [Boof: Groundbreaking journalism at its' finest. At least he's being somewhat objective.]

A year ago, the Hawkeyes had a veteran front four that couldn't stop the Gophers. Saturday, two freshmen and two sophomores took the Gophers' running game away.

Mason said the Gophers faced the same type of defense from Iowa's front seven Saturday that they faced in the 2004 game against the Hawkeyes. This time, the Gophers didn't execute. [Boof: So the Hawkeyes had the same defense as last year with younger guys and we still "weren't prepared"? That's asinine!]

"I'm sure they were challenged, but it's not like they developed a new scheme," Mason said. "They didn't do much that they hadn't done in previous years, or that we didn't anticipate and get ready for. But there's no magic, no doubt they played the run. [Boof: Now THAT'S fantastic coaching!]

"Initially, every pass we threw seemed to be wide open; now we either dropped it or didn't throw a good pass, but that's the case when you overplay the run, but that's what we're about."

Glad for another chance

Mason is happy a bowl game is in the Gophers' future, because it will give the team an opportunity to prove it is much better than it showed in its final regular-season game. [Boof: Oh please. Instead of going to a good bowl the Gophers are going to the gunts-a-plenty dot com bowl.]

"I know the way we played against Iowa is not indicative of the Gopher football team," he said. "You're only as good as your last game. I told the players right after the game, we played poorly, that's the bad news, the good news is we'll get to play again, and we'll get to try to prove ourselves again and try to right what we didn't do against Iowa. [Boof: Had the Gophers not won over Maplewood Middle school back in August, that Iowa whooping would've been thier last game]

"That's all you can do. Sure you look back and you try to figure out the big question. ... I can't give you a definitive answer why we played so poorly, and I'm going to spend all my time on how we're going to play better." [Boof: Well that maybe the problem. Had you looked to the past perhaps you could figure out that the Hawkeye's defense would have the same schemes as last year. Oh but no, you are the best the U of M can ever have. pfff]

The schedule won't get any easier next year, with a game at California and the same conference opponents. They will play a weak Kent State team in Canton, Ohio, and thus have fewer home games than any other team in the Big Ten. [Boof: I think they're playing Beaver Lake elementary school JV too and that isn't in the dome.]

But the critics can think anything they want. Mason is not just a good football coach, but a great one. He has made Minnesota competitive. [Boof: Competitive against Lakeland dental academy perhaps. Yeah the guy turned the Gophers football program from absolute horrible to mediocre, what a great coach!]


Sid really needs to retire. His love for Glen Mason is just god damn crazy. A "great" coach? If only he had one clue.


Hawkfan said...

Hawkeyes kicked Golden Rodent ASS! yeeeeehhhhhaaa! How you like that pink locker room?

Boof said...

*grins and shakes head*

fucking hawkeye fans...

Orbitron19 said...

You know, I thought he was bought and paid for by the Twins! Now it looks like he's been cashing checks from the Gophers.