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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What Snow?

One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces

Last night/morning I was stuck at work until 4am and my bright idea was to write down my loopy thoughts as I stare at the clock. I wrote, I looped out, and I worked. The result was about four comments of me craving Cheese Nips and wondering when the snow was going to fall.

I figured posting nothing would be 10x better than those awful ramblings (not that the “thought out” ones are that much better).

On Sunday night the top story on the news was this 4-8 inch “snow storm” that was going to hit the Twin Cities on Monday night. Everyone at work and at the gym was like,
“Oh man, get out your shovels because we’re going to get our first taste of snow tonight.” or
“Tomorrow’s morning commute will be a bitch because of all that snow that will hit.”. The weathermen were going crazy here and, like I said, they were advertising such a storm over 24 hours from when it would hit.

10pm- rain



4am-more rain

Then I came home and thought, ‘When I wake up at noon, everything will be white and glorious!’.
Woke up at noon, nothing. No snow, no sleet, not even one damn flake. Original snowfall prediction=4-8inchs. Actual snowfall=Not a god damn thing.

I was all set to put on my snow pants and boots to go sledding and have some hot chocolate, but NEEEOOOOOOOOO!!! We’ll not that I would’ve gone sledding or anything (I think my mom sold the old ski sled anyways) but I’d like to have the option at least.

Basically I just want revenge. I would like the FCC to throw a flag and punish the weathermen and news directors for over hyping something that was totally false. If we only had 1 inch of snow I would’ve said, ‘Well, they did say it was going to snow.’ and I wouldn’t even have any animosity toward anyone.


If I were in charge of the FCC I would hand out penalties for the stations for wasting all that time on nothing. I would force then to show dead air for one hour just to teach a lesson or to no be so overly dramatic over nothing.

To me if it’s going to rain or snow, go the full nine and dump it on. Then I don’t have to waste my time on these piddily little 4inch things that come along.


(Update: Okay, we finally got some snow)

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