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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

christmas '05

Cuz you've got me on your shelf and I just sit here
Thinking about when everything was right
And you say you don't got any answers
Well I'm tired of you not making up your mind

Christmas 2005 wasn’t too bad. We had plenty to eat, there was no controversy, and the gifts were generally good. It also seemed that the gifts I bought for my family were well received--not that I really took a leap of faith on them.

For my bro I bought a $50 gift certificate at Best Buy, which should go well. My Mom got a gift certificate to Bath and Body works. I perused B&BW for a good five minutes when I decided that I was completely out of my element and had not even a clue as to what did what and all those mysterious pink baskets…ugh. So I just went with the gift card and got the fuck out of Dodge.

For my Dad I bought a Die Cast model of whoever drives the 2005 Army sponsored dealyo. Those cars are very detailed and very expensive ($50), but I knew he would like it since he has a shrine of these cars in his office.

Then I got some really good gifts which I will show you later on, but I have to say something about Christmas eve.

Christmas eve after supper my dad asked me if I wanted to play cribbage. Cribbage is probably the only board game that I enjoy. I love the banter, the style of counting, and how simple and difficult it can be at the same time. I grew up playing tons of games with my Dad and it was always fun. Recently my former roommate and I would play about 400 games of cribbage in a two month period and never got sick of it.

This time I hadn’t played my Dad in a couple years, but I really wanted to banter away, so I obliged.

Very quickly my Dad realized that I had discovered certain strategies for his traps and I was even setting some for myself. One would start out lying down a “7” and the other would pause and think about how to play it.
-I could lay my 8 for a 15-2 but keep the run wide open
-I could lay my 7 and double up, but he could have another 7

Then if he did lay down an “8” would he have the other cards to finish off the run?

We both were asking these questions constantly, but I was destroyed by his years of playing. My poker face was reduced to girlish giggling and thus he knew exactly what I had. Out of the seven games we played, he smoked me in six of those games and nearly DOUBLE skunked me on one occasion.

I have never played such dramatic cribbage games in my life.

This was the first gift from my stocking. Cool gift and all but I work for the company that makes these and I can get these whenever I want. Somehow I thought that maybe I should act surprized and excited, but I couldn't do it.

I enjoy music, movies, and sports to name a few and my parents aren't terribly fond of music, haven't seen a movie in years, and they know I'm a die hard Vikings fan. So every year I get a Vikings something-or-other and it's always the ugliest crap ever. This is actually a pullover, but one side is this ugly ass yellow fleese color and this is the other purple side. Either way I look like a purple (or yellow) bell when I wear it. I do appreciate it though.

This year my Mom actually bought better and more useful gifts than my Dad, which is probably the first. I opened up this gift and shouted,
"Ohh 600 thread count! That's awesome" (don't ask me why I know that) and looked around and tried to go back in time and stop that incredibly feminine comment.
These sheets are pretty damn sweet though. It's like silk or something.

My Bro always knows what to get me. He knows how much I'm addicted to first player war games. I'm sure I'll be addicted to this in a couple weeks.

then there's this which was in my stocking with those other things. It's a one day pass to the Maplewood Community Center, which was my former community center before my Mom ratted me out and take me off the family plan. Then Maplewood wanted to charge me $500 dollars for a membership. Again, am I supposed to act excited that I got this?

Another present from my Dad and it's cool and everything, but I don't "do" polo and when would I ever wear this? It's still cool though.

My Mom then got me some towels which were much needed since my old ones smell like mold. When my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told them to surprize me since I don't like asking for particulair gifts. My Mom did a great jorb though.

I then decided to buy some gifts for myself, so I went shopping yesterday and bought: An apple pie, Terminator 2 (in honor of Jeff Reardon's jewerly busting), a watchband which didn't fit my watch, and a notebook. This was the best Christmas ever!

Yeah, then there's this crap that was in yesterday's paper. bleh


Hannes said...

Call of Duty 2 is an amazing game, you'll love it.

Orbitron19 said...

Your lament about the Vikings gift reminded me that I'm in the same boat. Women know shopping inside and out--why don't they understand that just because you like sports or a particular team, that you won't like EVERYTHING with your team's logo on it? It's like they look for the stuff that you would never buy, and just because it has a Vikings logo on it, that you would love it. Can't Oprah do a show on this? Every year I get a sucky baseball picture book from someone who thought I really gave a rats ass about Crosley Field. OK, I'm done. Sorry about the long comment.