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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Good Game

This isn't what I had in
This isn't what I had in mind
But you know
And I know
Its all I need and a little bit more

Okay, okay just gotta breathe. Fuckface is a god damn backstabbing idiot and that’s that.

Just breathe. In.



I do have the pictures to prove that he’s wrong too.



I take pride knowing that I’m the fantasy football asshead who constantly brags when I beat your damn team. It’s nothing personal, I just want to get a rise out of everyone. Just a little friendly backlash is all I need, so whenever I do this,

Boof: You’re so going down this weekend!
Otherdude: yeah, whatever

It usually ends there.

Hog IM’d me earlier last week with,

Hog: I will destroy your team. With every Houszmanzadadiejf touchdown I will laugh in your face. (or something like that)

Boof: yeah well after every Chris Chambers touchdown I’m going to hysterically laugh and jack-off simultaneously right in front of you.

I am always the one who instigates it and the one who rides it all weekend, so I was amazed when Hog sat next to me this weekend and said,

“You are so going down this weekend. If there is one team in the league that I want to beat the most, it is without a doubt, yours. I can feel it too. You’re going to lose and I’m going to love every second of beating your ass.”

Something like that and it came right out of nowhere. I wasn’t ready for a rebuttal and the flame started to rise.

“We’ll see, I don’t want to make you cry or anything.” I replied

And he continued on with the bashing.

His team started the year going winless for the first 12 weeks of the year and lately has won the last three consecutive so he was getting very cocky. My team has kinda cooled down and it’s been hit or miss lately.

It was on.

After leaving BW’s at around 3:30 on Sunday I was thinking that Hog actually had the match up sown up with Rudi Johnson, Kevin Jones, and Alge Crumpler left to play. At the end of the night I was down by about ten points with my tight end left to play on Monday night. I was feeling dejected, down on my luck, and very humble until Monday night when my last player, Todd Heap went crazy against the Packers.

The ten points were immediately made up and I had plenty *PLENTY* to beat Hog’s team and to secure the President’s Cup for the entire year.

Three game winning streak, snapped.
Dreams of splitting the series, destroyed.

And here I am, twisting the knife. It works both ways because when he beats me (hypothetically of course) he’ll be more than welcome to do the same in his own way.




Hog said...

Bet you thought I'd be the last person writing a comment for this day huh. Todd Heap went ape shit! Did you call him or send him some money or something?

Just crazy, well enjoy drinking or pissing in the cup and until next year friend. Or maybe the playoffs........

Boof said...

...I'll kick your fuckin goldbricken ass in the playoffs too!

Boof said...

and I did.