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Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's Just Complete Crap!

Mama's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest
And when Daddy comes home, he never gets no rest
'Cause she's playing all night and the music's all right
Mama's got a squeeze box, Daddy never sleeps at night

Lets get right down it.

Crap List

1. Chad Johnson for Mike Anderson
I will admit right from the start that I am jealous and bitter, and profusely whining but I do think I have a small reason to be upset.

Here’s how it goes. The fantasy team, Yetti’s are tied for the league lead in the standings and they leading the league in points scored by about 90 points.
The Yetti’s are a very dominant team.

Team Bruce has been struggling all year and most notably their running backs have been constantly getting injured with year end injuries. They came into the week without a running back.

The owner of The Yetti’s and Team Bruce are siblings who live together and I’m sure a conversation went something like this,

Team Bruce: What am I going to do this weekend? I have no more running backs.
Yetti’s: Well I have some running backs. (looks away) I could give you Mike Anderson for….hmmm Chad Johnson (carefully glances at Team Bruce owner).
Team Bruce: Well, he certainly is a good running back and I guess it would take a great wide out to get him. Sure thing.

That’s not what I’m mad about though. I would definitely have tried the same thing and I certainly don’t blame anyone for trying. With our league, for every trade that is proposed, each team owner has to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in order for the trade to go through. That way there’s no collusion or sketchy trades being made in the long run. It takes six ‘yes’ votes for a trade to go down. Very smart idea and full proof if you ask me.

Later on the Commish sends everyone an email about the trade and that we should get back to him with the ‘ay’ or ‘nay’ vote.

I read the potential trade and think,
“Gee the Yetti’s, the most dominant team in the league, wants to add Chad Johnson to his team for his backup running back.”

Let’s just say that I didn’t want to gift wrap the whole league to The Yettis and I send back a stern “NO” reply to the commish.

When talking to Tbone (owner of The Yetti’s) at his house he says,
Tbone: So did you say yes?
Boof: Ah Hell no!
Tbone: Why not?! Team Bruce has no running backs!

And then he got a little mad.

That, is what kinda ticks me off. The lack of empathy. But it doesn’t end there.

The trade was approved by six owners which is enough to make the trade legit.
The owners. of the league. Said yes. To that bull shit trade.

The best team in the league just added Chad Johnson to his team. And he was wondering why I voted “no”.
I must say that I feel like inviting all the owners over to my apartment for a cup of tea, a PowerPoint presentation on why everyone should've vote no, and then a couple of giant pummelings.
Oh, I must say that I was also against the trade because I was playing The Yetti’s this last weekend and when his WR’s score a collective 5 points (including Chad Johnson) and he still manages to flirt with 100 points, that is a little insane.

How the fuck did that trade go through?
Shaun Alexander
Tiki Barber
Antonio Gates
Pittsburgh defense
And Chad Johnson

Oh my dog!

2. My Cable
I have discovered that it takes about four minutes to understand and feel comfortable with a given television program. I know that because my cable shuts itself down every five minutes and it’s incredibly frustrating while watching well, anything interesting.
Any movie that has any sort of a moments are completely destroyed by the instant 15 second blackout. When the cable does get a hole of itself the scene is over and I the movie is now shot because I have this crap going on.
I should ask for next months cable to be free.

Speaking of which, I gotta go watch a movie.

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