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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Post Winter/Pre Spring Plans

How many times must I tell you babe,
How many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I explain myself
Before I can talk to the boss,

Guerrero, Vladimir
Ortiz, David
Pujols, Albert
Ramirez, Manny
Tejada, Miguel
Soriano, Alfonso

Pitching Staff
Colon, Bartolo
Martinez, Pedro

Looking at that potential lineup (without knowing the other three hitters), do you guys get slight chills as well?
Probably not but holy Christ, what a lineup that is! Of course that partial lineup will probably represent the Dominican Republic at the World Baseball Classic next March.

16 countries have been included in this World Cup of Baseball…or whatever and it’s actually one of the few good ideas that Bud Selig has had while being commissioner.

Look at this pitching staff that Venezuela has:
Johan Santana
Freddy Garcia
Carlos Silva
Carlos Zambrano

That’s just crazy!

This is the kind of tournament that will keep me in my apartment for all of March. Actually from February to April I’ll be in my apartment growing a huge beard and feeding off the three pallet loads of Totinos party pizza that I bought just for that time period.

February is when the Winter Olympics will be held and I love *LOVE* the winter Olympics. I watch downhill skiing, hockey, luge, ski jump, speed skating, and especially the bobsled. I even enjoy watching curling! Someday I will attend the Winter Olympics. Hopefully anyways.

Then of course there is March Madness which is always completely crazy and alongside the tournaments comes the typical snow storm so there really isn’t any need to leave the apartment for three months. I figure that just before the Winter Olympics I’ll cover my whole apartment in poly and cut a hole above the toilet. Then I will just make pizza and watch TV and be happy for ninety days.

I’ll then wake up from my hibernation and throw all that poly on my neighbors balcony so he can throw all that crap away. After all, what are neighbors for.

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