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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Packer fans... delusional

Let's toast the hero with blood in his eyes
The scars on his mind took so many lives
Die hard the hunter

At work I approached one of the biggest die hard Packer fans I know.

Boof: So I was actually silently rooting for your Packers last Sunday.
G: Why were you doing that?
(and I then I went through the whole playoff crap)
G: Oh well the bears have it wrapped up anyways.
Boof: Not totally, if they lose to the packers…yadda yadda yadda
G: Well in that case ‘go bears’.
Boof: What!? I thought you guys hated the bears more than the Vikings.

Really, what the fuck is that all about anyway?

G: Well our season has really sucked because everyone in our offense has been injured. I mean Favre is still better than 90% of all the other quarterbacks out there but his receivers just drop the ball.
Boof biting his lip: yeah… okay sure.
G: And then there’s the waiting list which is like--what, a hundred years or maybe it’s two hundred--anyways, we’ll never be blacked out and we won three championships in a row!

I really didn’t know where he was going with all this packer spooge fest, but he just went on and on. He almost called Lambeau a holy place.

There’s way too many people like that and it’s fascinating listening to them* talk. It’s like the Notre Dame of the NFL. When the Packers do have a shitty season and Favre continues to throw terrible passes, they look to their past and show that proud, distant smile.

Do they baptize all babies in vats of Lienenkugel beer in Wisco?

I mean I really like football and I’m a huge Vikings fan, but this is only a game we’re talking about. I certainly don’t brag about any games from forty years ago…and that’s mainly because there is nothing to brag about but whatever. Ah… the U of M doesn’t brag about the tradition of the football team…and that’s because no one really knows much about the football team’s history. In fact, I bet the university itself doesn’t know anything about football before the 80’s.

At least us Vikings fans have some humility.

*”Them” haha, I feel like I should be burning a cross.

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bigg_pappa said...

I hope you aren't promoting negative stereotypes of the fine beverage known as Leinenkugel's; enjoyed by many social classes in addition to the lowly Packers Fan.