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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Quick Ones

Lightning strikes,
maybe once, maybe twice
And it all comes down to you

-Ever since I joined the North St. Paul community center I have perused the library which is on the other end of the building. The library has a great selection of movies and I recently rented Friends season 9 for the hell of it. I’ll watch Friends whenever it’s on, but it’s not my favorite sitcom ever. Actually the main reason why I watch it is to see Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox and the comedy second.

There’s one thing that’s always bothered be about the show and I could never figure it out. I think after watching the entire season (it’s addicting I tell you) it’s the whole friend dynamic. It’s way too hard to keep six people constantly in the same room and the love they have… ugh. It’s almost like an 80’s sitcom with more witty humor. Oh the constant hugging and the “I love you”s and the ‘almost’ crying… ugh It’s just too estrogeny for me sometimes. Actually, it may just be Ross, the biggest most wussiest sitcom character ever. I think Jack from Will and Grace could even kick the crap out of Ross.

I just want to see Rachel in some ass pants please!

-The library has a better selection than Blockbuster I believe. It’s free too!

-I’m drinking way too much pop lately. I blame this entirely on Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3’s) and their excellent staff that constantly fills my glass.

***Warning: this is somewhat sad if you don’t watch football***
Usually every Sunday I’ll head over to BW3’s at 11:30am to get ready to watch football and I’ll order a coke. At around 5:30pm I’ll be ready to go with about 130 ounces of coke in my belly and pissing every half hour. In turn, this really fucks up my system because I’ll be totally jacked up the rest of the day.

So now I need to drink 5 cans of Coke everyday to feel normal. It must be what Eddie Van Halen went through in the 80’s

-This guy at work put an ad in the company paper,
“WILD TICKETS!!! Selling ‘exec’ level club seats $80 pair (normally $160pair) MOST GAMES LEFT!!!”
Needless to say I called the guy right after reading the ad.

“What do you have left” I asked
“I have about 15 games left” he replied and proceeded to tell me which games.
“I’ll call you right back.”

I then called the biggest hockey fan I knew of and asked her which game she wanted.

20 minutes later I called him back.
“Hey do you still have game X left?” I asked
“Actually I have a woman on the other line who wants to buy ten games, but I’ll hold that game for you.”

The guy really had no idea what he was in for by placing and ad like that. Wild club level tickets for half off?!!??? The guy could have easily sold most of those games for ticket value and sold out all the tickets he had left!

Whatever… SCORE!

-I haven’t spent that much on a sporting event since I sat in the bleachers at Wrigley!

-Last Sunday at BW3’s
TA: Where is the Superbowl at this year?
Boof: Detroit yo.
TA: Roadtrip…
Boof: What the hell?

-I wonder what the hot dogs would taste like at the Superbowl. I mean they can’t have just regular hot dogs, they would have to have some DAMN GOOD dogs for the “suits” that attend.

-Rolling Stones for the halftime show? FINALLY, the NFL got something right for a change. Kicking MTV off the Superbowl halftime was one of the best things to have happened to the Superbowl. Imagine how fucking awesome The Who would be? Even though there is only two Who members left.

-Why does everyone like haikus so much?

-I think I’m going to look into buying a pair of snow shoes… possibly.


Hog said...

Are you really going to Detroit for the Super Bowl??

Boof said...

I doubt it.
Unless I find tickets in my couch.