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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time For... You Know

If I had one wish, I would wish for two
For me and you to be happy
With the way things are, sometimes gets hard
But, we've come so far to be happy

-I kinda think the Yankees overpaid Johnny Damon (32) to play CF and leadoff for the Yankees. Also, what a fucking douche bag. Who the hell signs with the most hated, fiercest rival in the Yankees after all that crap the last five years? That and now he’s gotta shave his beard and mongoloidal hair to play for the evil pin stripes.

It’s a good thing he plays CF and not RF because those Red Sox fans will throwing a lot more than quarters.

-Now the Yankees lineup looks like:

And then whoever wants to DH.

The one thing (well, notable thing) is that everyone on that lineup makes over 10M a year. All except Robinson Cano who makes $380k. I’d feel a little jipd if I was Cano.

-ESPN’s dream sequence:
Danica Patrick joins the NBA and plays for a team called the Yankees where her teammate is LeBron James. The Yankees then play against the Red Sox featuring Terrell Owens and Tedy Bruschi.

Stuart Scott and Dick Vitale do the play-by-play.

After that game, ESPN pulls the plug.

-Twins let go of Jacque Jones and signed Tony Bautista at their 3B option. Basically they gave up an annoying hitter and apparently received the MOST annoying hitter in Bautista.
Bautista’s stats show that all he does is swing for the fences and will have a TON of bad at-bats.


-I was talking to Hog’s gf last weekend about the Iowa Hawkeyes and her family. She mentioned how she made a promise to her Grandpa never to root for the “Minnesota Rodents” ever.

That made me think about my family. I pretty much hate all the teams they all root for (Packers, Badgers, Bears, Hawkeyes). In fact, my relatives and myself don’t root for the same teams at all. It goes without saying that I’m going to cock off at them if they want to bring up the subject.

-Speaking of which, I’m going to be rooting for the packers as much as I ever will. After they got killed on Monday against Baltimore, I’m really not terribly confident that the Packers will beat the bears, but they have to! I may be going to the game of the year on January 1st!

-I guess the seats are right between the goal posts, so I thought about making a sign. I think the best sign ever will be a “Fire Millen” sign. It will be the start of a longstanding tradition.

-4 day weekend and what am I gonna do? I have no idea.

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