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Thursday, January 19, 2006


don't even think about getting inside
voices in my head. Ooh, voices
I got scratches all over my arms
one for each day since I fell apart

-Someone brought up the question, ‘which was the more devastating loss: Colts with their loss to Pittsburgh or the Vikings in 1999 against Atlanta.


Wuh? No doubt to any Colts fan that last Sunday’s loss was bad but lets not go overboard. That was the Colt’s first playoff game this year and they were playing the Steelers which are probably the best 6 seed ever.

The vikes in 1999, on the other hand…

***Warning to Vikes fans, this will hurt***

-Came into the game 16-1
-were (and still are) the highest scoring offense in history.
-Kicker never missed one field goal or extra point all year.
-lost their only game by three points in Tampa Bay.
-Just waxed Arizona in the Divisional round by twenty points (or something).
-Were favored to beat Atlanta by (was it 13 points)?
-were playing at home.

Not to mention the Vikings were ahead the entire game.

Hog could tell you better than anyone (since he was actually there) that the 1999 Vikings NFC Championship game was head above shoulders much worse.

-My subscription to Maxim is now up and I’m putting that in the category of stupid magazines. I used to get Rolling stone and that got old really fast. Then I got ESPN the magazine and that was… ugh. Then I got Entertainment through that stupid Best Buy free issues crap. You know, the deal where you get 6 free issues and then you forget to unsubscribe and they make you pay $30 or something.

Two years ago Maxim seemed really good then I started getting issues with Nikki Hilton on the cover and other ugly no-names. Not to mention that the articles were just completely stupid and geared toward dumb fraternity dudes. I want to go with a new mag but I don’t know what to subscribe to. I could go toward the “high class” porn with Playboy, but I don’t know. I’m actually thinking of getting a newsmagazine like Time or Newsweek but I don’t know the difference between the two.

-Is it wrong of me to ask for one extremely cold ass day? I mean I want something memorable like ten years ago when it was -30 and it simply hurt to go outside. I want something where you’re up at night and you hear the window creak and go, “bwahahaha damn, it’s like scary cold.”
I want the type of cold where weathermen go insane and governors say,
“Damn, we should probably cancel school around the state today.” Cold like when ski slopes actually have a "ski at your own risk" sign posted everywhere.

I just want it for a couple days is all. Enough to make me think that winter actually happened this year.

-Conversely, I want a couple days in the summer where it breaks the 100 degree mark. Just for shits and giggles.

-If it is going to repeatedly stay at 35-40 degrees then lets have a huge college basketball tournament or something. It feels like March madness type weather outside and I want to start rooting against Duke.

-It also feels like I should be heading to Vegas sometime soon.

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Hannes said...

I am surprised you don't subscribe to National Geographic your Excellence.