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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Brief Glory Road Review

I think about you all the time
But I don't need the same
It's lonely where you are
Come back down
And I won't tell 'em your name

I had another glorious night off and I decided to see what was showing at the local cinema. I usually don’t attend any movie theatres anymore because it’s over $8 to see what crap Hollywood has decided to go with. I heard some good things about Glory Road and I’ve watched college basketball for almost 20 years, so I decided to catch shell out the money.
Glory Road is about the Western Texas basketball team which is famous for being one of the first schools to recruit African American players. I’m interested with movies that have racial tension so I though it could be decent.

I guess it started out sour when I accidentally called it “Glory Hole” when purchasing my ticket. I left the ticket booth with the stupidest look ever and proceeded to the correct theatre.

The movie wasn’t that bad but if you’ve seen Remember the Titans and Miracle you’ve probably seen this movie already. There first 75% of the movie is slow, predictable, and less than what I thought. The end is pretty good.

Regardless if you’ve seen Remember the Titans and Miracle you still might want to see this movie if you dislike the Kentucky basketball team. Kentucky and their coach, Adolph Rupp act as the singular antagonist. I don’t hate Kentucky basketball I just can’t stand most of their fans (except Ashley Judd of course) and the fact that they win every damn year.

All in all I seriously didn’t think it was worth the $8 and it’s just another Hollywood disappointment. No doubt the game was one of the greatest college games ever but this movie didn’t portray it that well in my opinion.

Anyway I give it three out of five thumbs down.

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