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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bye Tice

The flags are waving, the news is breaking
See the man who can't pick out his own tie
If i've been taught from the beginning
Would my fears now be winning?

The Mike Tice reign of terror is now over and I couldn’t be more happy. Actually I’m not that happy because the guy did like his job and showed an amazing sense of humility as he left. I was actually really feeling for the guy as he made is final press conference with tears in his eyes. Not only that but he was being very classy about it too.

It was at that point where another coach would’ve vented like no one else before.

“It would’ve been a whole lot better had our previous owner not managed to actually be more frugal than Carl Pohlad. When an owner refuses to pay for an offensive coordinator and instead has another coach absorb those responsibilities, it’s a little ridiculous.”

Something like that because Tice, as many calls as he screwed up, did have a cheap ass owner looking over his shoulder the whole time. The Vikings had a fucking garage sale of all things just to make some petty cash.

Or maybe this,
“How the hell is one supposed to coach this team when they’re all using double headed sex toys on Lake Minnetonka? I worked for dirt cheap. Even the local college football coach makes more than me. Fuck this owner and the last one too.”

Nah the guy didn’t have anything negative to say and just praised everyone. It was a nice touch.

This new guy, Brad Childress (who looks like Dale Earnhardt), doesn’t seem the one that will tell everyone his gameplan like Tice would a couple days before the game. A normal coach wouldn’t think of doing such a thing. A normal coach would do more of what Denny Green did and run away from any kind of criticism.

It’s weird because as much as I didn’t care for Tice as a coach, I really was a bit sad to see him go. His last phone calls to the local radio talk show were genuine and sincere.
“I’m a teacher. It’s all I know.”

It definitely wasn’t too much about the money because he would’ve definitely made more as an assistant coach elsewhere. The guy had to deal with dumbass Viking fans, stupid bloggers, annoying Twin Cities media, dumbass players, and cheap-ass owners and yet he didn’t resign.

He should’ve been fired last year but I do appreciate his determination, class, and humility.


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