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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kinda Quick Bits

Well he jumps in the taxi, headed for the sky
He's off to slay some demon dragonfly
And he looked at me, that long last time
Turned away again and I waved goodbye

-I wasn’t all that thrilled with how I ended the NFL picks between us bloggers. I just said it in one little blurb and it wasn’t even close to being satisfying.

Here we go.

5th place: Alie
Alie started out the season doing alright and then just said, “the hell with this” which is kinda what we all were thinking. She actually did it though.

4th place: Eric
Every week Eric would email me with “I pick the home teams” or “I pick all the teams closer to New Jersey” which shows that you can pick whoever you want and still be close to .500.

3th Place: Ron
Not too bad for skipping a couple weeks. Had he played those two he’d have been right up there with me and Hannes.

First runner up: Boof
Boof showed his true heroism by picking great picks. He truly is an inspiration to us all. God Bless Boof.

1st Place: Hannes
He did alright.

-With 4:15 left in the first half, the Gopher/Badger game at Williams arena was 25-6. Twenty five points at 4:15 is considered to be a low score but six? Reggie Miller scored nine points in like 7 seconds and it took the Gophers just over 15 minutes. Holy god damn crap!

-I think my boss actually gets it.

Boss: So why the hell is “fuck-face” emailing you all this?
Boof: I have no idea. He’s off base on a number of things and I’m beginning to think he’s crazy.
Boss: Hmmm...Ya know, just ignore him if he keeps pulling this shit. For some fucking reason he doesn’t understand that you have a job.

That was probably my highest moment during my ten days of being sick.

-My right ear is still completely plugged which leads to numerous small awkward situations in conversations. During a conversation someone will say something under their breath in an attempt to “talk shit” about someone nearby. I then have two choices: Yell out “WHAT?” or just smile and nod. I tend to do the latter and I’ll do that to open ended questions like,
Doctor in really low voice: So how do you like your job?
Boof nodding: oh ok

I can tell it wasn’t the desired question when they give me the “oh, you’re retarded shhhhh sorry” type look.

-I was right, David Gilmour is going on tour and it’s got only a couple North American dates. He’s only playing 5 North American cities with Chicago being one of them.

So I shelled out $110 for a Thursday night concert in Chicago to see a 60 year old. Sweet.


Eric Wormann said...

How pissed do you think everyone would be if the Super Bowl ended up being Denver vs. Washington?

Boof said...

I know I wouldn't mind seeing that matchup.

In fact I think the superbowl is almost given to have decent teams.

ABC and ESPN sure won't want to hype that crap up for two weeks. That's another thing, ESPN will be even more annoying trying to help out its' mother station, ABC, in pimping up the superbowl. As if it needed pimping up.

Aliecat said...

Yeah, I'm not that good at picking teams, but I got a sick enjoyment out of finishing dead last!

Hannes said...

Ah I won, cool! Oh Canada, our home and native land...