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Friday, January 20, 2006

Let's Just Get the Hell Outta Here.

The TV, she talks to me.
Breaking news and building walls.
Selling me, what I don't need.
I didn't know soap made you taller.

So I’ll be watching a movie on my DVD player and now at any given moment the picture freezes, the remote is no fucking good, and the only thing I can do is unplug the damn thing. It happens to every DVD I throw in there and the player is only about 9 months old.

So I look on the AVS forum to see what the techies recommend as a decent up-converting DVD player. It was easy to find because everyone was gushing, panting, and overcome with pleasure to the Panasonic S77. The picture supposedly crystal, the sound phenomenal, HDMI output was exceptional, and the price was not overwhelming.

I saw this information and immediately started locking in on purchasing this great piece of equipment and simultaneously dreamt about discarding my current DVD player like it were some stupid stepchild.

The next morning I walked in the store, located the S77, and bought it without spending 15 minutes in the store. Everything was in order and back home I went.

Hooking up a DVD player is the ridiculously easy because it’s just a matter of plugging in a couple cables. It may get a little more difficult in hooking up optical digital and HDMI cables but that’s if you’re making excuses.

I got everything hooked up and I turned it on. The s77 lights up in the beautiful blue display and say “Welcome to DVD World” whatever that means but it certainly felt like I was going to a special cinematic place. I placed Kill Bill in the player and began watching this beautiful picture and the audio was great.

Five minutes later the screen went black and some problem code came up. “gaaaaaawwwwwd DAMMIT!!!!” I yelled as I started pumping my fists. Apparently my Toshiba television didn’t care for my new Panasonic DVD player and started pouting at each other. I yelled and yelled at the corner of my room but nothing would make these two pieces of equipment get along. I used the S-video that night to test out the DVD player but S-video…just isn’t good enough. I mean S-video?! ugh

So I took the beloved s77 back and got something not as good but it works, so I guess It’ll have to do. I’m going to miss going to “DVD World” and seeing all those pretty blue colors but I had to do what I had to do. As for the old DVD step-child, I plan on dropping it off a really, really big building.


Last week… sucked really bad and I went 1-3. But let me explain myself.

Washington/Seattle: That game came down to field position and Hasselback got lucky on a couple of those throws. Not to mention that there were a TON of holding calls that were not called. I don’t know if there was one holding call all day.

New England/Denver: Yeah I got this all wrong. I didn’t watch it but I’m gonna blame it on the liberal media somehow, someway.

Pittsburgh/Indianapolis: Peyton Manning has been compared to Daunte Culpepper in these parts for his incompetence in the playoffs. It’s quite an interesting debate because the arguments are very similar for both sides. Conservative media on this one.

Caralina/Chicago: I’m awesome.

Carolina @ Seattle
I still think Seattle is soft but I also don’t think Carolina is all that good either. Yeah Steve Smith took off against Chicago but it was against Chicago. They had a good defense in the regular season against the Lions and Packers but not against a playoff team.
Then Matt Hasselback, what a an asshole this guy is. A great asshole. I rememeber when he was playing the Packers in the playoffs a couple years ago. When the game went into overtime and he had to call the toss he says,
“Heads, we’re gonna win!” over the PA system at Lambeau. Because I hate the packers, I thought that statement was both arrogant and awesome at the same time. He still has that arrogance but I appreciate it because I know if he happens to beat Carolina on Sunday that either Denver or Pittsburgh will crush him and the Seahawks. In fact I wouldn’t mind him cocking off in Ford Field in front of a billion people. It will be something to watch for. Cock it all away Matt Hasselback
Seahawks 24 Panthers 21

Pittsburgh @ Denver
This is pretty much the Superbowl as far as I’m concerned. Both fan bases are completely crazy and both teams are fucking awesome. But how the hell does one go against the Steelers? They beat Cincinnati on the road (granted, they ended Palmer’s career on his first snap) and they beat the almighty Colts in Indianapolis. That’s one hell of a track record.
Then for Denver they are an unbelievable underdog according to the media. Last week Denver didn’t win, the Patriots just simply lost the game instead according to the media. In fact there are still a ton of god damn idiots that believe that the Colts and Patriots are still the two best teams in football.


Steelers will get the ball with the lead with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter and still somehow manage to eat the rest of the 3rd and 4th quarters up.

Steelers 20 Broncos 18

As for the fantasy team, Frank M is on their last legs. I’m playing an opponent that actually has a kicker, quarterback, and a decent WR. All I’m left with is a couple defenses and a couple crappy, bottom of the barrel, athletes.

Basically I’m coming into the games this weekend thinking that I’m the ‘80 USA team going against the powerful and hated Soviets.

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