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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Let's talk about Duck Tales

Standin' in front just shakin' your ass
I'll take you back stage you can drink from my glass
Talk about something you can sure understand
Cause a month on the road and I'll be eatin' from your hand.

1989 opinion

Duck Tales is great.

Huey, Dewy, and Lewy are my favorists characters. Scrooge is radical, Launchpad is kinda cool, and bubba duck is gnarly.

My favorite episode is where they were stuck in the temple of gold and they had gold fever.

I really like Duck Tales

2006 Opinion
Duck Tales was great.


Who the hell would dare own a money bin? The arrogance, the ignorance, and the message it sends to all the citizens of Duckville.
“I’m richer than yo asses combined. I’m so rich I need a giant fucking bin for it, so look at it all the time why don‘t ya.”

Scrooge McDuck has got to be the most arrogant cartoon character ever. The guy--er duck-- has a giant money bin over looking the town of (was it Duckville?) Not only that, it’s the biggest structure in that town. Whenever a citizen of Duckville wants to look east they have to look at Scrooge McDuck’s greed.

Then, one of his hobbies is to actually swim in all that money. He’s got a freakin diving board and everything! Carl Pohlad doesn’t even do that.

Who the heck runs Duckville? Why doesn’t that person send a memo to Scrooge to invest a little bit and put some of that money back into society. Why sit and swim in all those liquid assets when Duckville will need a new library or need some extra money to make sure the local corporation doesn’t move out of town for a cheaper country.

How did Huey, Dewey, and louie come about too? Were they Donald’s illegitimate kids or something?

Why is there no female character in that cartoon? Every cartoon had a female presence (even Transformers with their “female” robot RC).

Seriously it takes some serious balls to show off that wealth the way Scrooge does but I still like that show.

I remember how those popsicles that took them back in time looked so good. I wanted a popsicle that would take me back in time. That would be awesome.

I still think that temple of gold episode was one of the best episodes in the history of cartoons.

That’s all I got.

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