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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Plugged Ears

there ain't much to the mystery
misery loves company
she just waves her hand and says whatever
well this ain't love this ain't love this ain't love at all

As of Sunday I could actually hear the clicking of my hands typing on my computer. Before that, all I could hear is my voice as if the volume were all the way up since my voice would seem to bounce off the fluid in my ear and then back to my throat. Then whenever I listen to the radio, all I need to do is open my mouth and I get this wind tunnel effect with the sound wanting to go through my mouth and into my ear.

Yeah it totally sucks especially when you constantly have to say “Wuh?” after everything said to you.

My other ear is now semi plugged (If I move my head back and to the side, I can actually move the fluid in a spot that doesn’t plug anything up. Of course it just moves back after awhile).

I remember when I had both ears plugged at the same time…

**diddylydoo diddlydoo diddlydoo****

Twas the Summer of ‘02 and I was hiking up in Sequoia National Park when I caught a cold and my ears were dreadfully infected. Oh it was bad because they were draining and it was sick and everything. I came back home and I could cover both ears with my hands and there was no difference, I may as well be wearing hearing protection because I couldn’t hear anything.

I was also starting out my semi-new job that week as well. Let me just say that it was very noticeable the people who are “soft” talkers and “loud” talkers because I couldn’t make out a sound from the soft talkers at all. I would get the stare and the moving lips but I couldn’t hear anything. I could hear me breathing like I was Darth Vader though. I had these new workers who would hardly talk when they’d speak and they had to almost shout in order for me to make out anything.

Then uh… I had ice cream

**back to reality**

What especially sucks is at night. The fluid will move from one end of my ear to the other and with it comes this weird suction sounding rumble.

Yeah it’s a bitch man. Fuckin A

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Anonymous said...

Your head plugged up because you shave all the hair off it and it became frozen one night? If you want to "clear your ears", eat a lot of broccoli and beans and then when you start to feel the pressure buildup, hang upside down by your knees until your head clears.....
or you crap in your shorts.