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Friday, January 13, 2006

Wicked Picks

Button your lip. Don't let the shield slip.
Take a fresh grip on your bullet proof mask.
And if they try to break down your disguise with their questions
You can hide, hide, hide,

I got nothing so I’ll get right on to the weekend picks.

Last weekend I went 4-0 in my playoff picks and--short story shorter--I’m awesome.

This week I feel pretty confident I’ll do the same.

Washington @ Seattle
Ok here’s the deal with Seattle, they’re probably the most overrated #1 seed in the history of the NFL.

What are you talking about?
What about Shaun Alexander and how he dominated this year?
They were 8-0 at home!

Sure but HAVE YOU SEEN WHO THEY PLAYED THIS YEAR? They have played nobody
Here are the somewhat respectable teams,
Jacksonville (away): Lost 26-14
Atlanta (Home): Won 21-18
Washington (away): Lost 20-17
Dallas (Home): Won 13-10
NY Giants (Home): Won 24-21 OT This was the game where Feely missed like four field goals
Indianapolis (Home): Won 28-13 For the colts: the coach’s son committed suicide days before the game, Colts had nothing to play for whatsoever, and the players basically wanted to see what the city of Seattle was all about.

That’s if you even consider some of those teams to be quality.

What were the other teams they played you may ask?
Rams twice
Cards twice
49ers twice

Right there is 8 unbelievably easy games. For any average team, those should all be wins.

Then throw in,
Philly (with everyone injured)
Green Bay (who they managed to lose to because the game meant nothing)

Now imagine any halfway decent running back with a decent offensive line. Yeah that’s probably 1400 yards with just those sorry ass teams.

That would be an automatic playoff berth with 10 wins.

This is a schedule that is eerily close to the Gophers non conference schedule. I can’t believe no one has seen this yet. At least the Redskins (just picking a team) have played more quality teams in Dallas, Giants, Chicago, Denver, KC, Tampa Bay, San Diego… ect

My point is Seattle has had an unbelievably cupcake schedule and whenever they have played anyone halfway decent they’ve really struggled by winning by a field goal.

The record of all their opponents this year was 110-146 an average of 6.8 wins per team (and that’s including Indianapolis).

I don’t exactly understand why it would be an upset if Washington wins but I’m picking them. Seattle doesn’t impress me scoring 41 on the 49ers.

Redskins 24 Seahawks 13

New England @ Denver
It’s so hard to pick against the Patriots. Tom Brady has never lost a post season game and is currently 10-0? Forget Elway, Marino, Favre, Unitas, or Starr, that is unbelievable. 3 superbowl wins, 10 victories, and he’s only been the starter for five years?
Good lord.

Meanwhile Denver has Jake Plummer… wow.

I gotta pick the Patriots
Patriots 31 Broncos 23

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis
Then there’s Rothlesdjsoijewjiweberger who has a record of 23-3 as a starter which is pretty cool. Last time Manning kept shouting and changing crap just before he would take the snap (that bitch). I guess I’m going to go with the Colts because they’ve been doing nothing for two weeks and they haven’t had that “emotional win for Dungy” yet.

Colts 45 Pittsburgh 28

Carolina @ Chicago
So everyone feels so confident about Rex Grossman now. Even if the guy has never played a playoff game, played only 6 quarters (4 against the Packers), and has sat four months out. Yeah right, I’m not going to pick the damn Bears. I do think they’re a better team than Seattle though.

Carolina 24 Bears 17

Have a good weekend everyone.


Eric Wormann said...

You forgot to mention that the Redskins are going to win the Super Bowl. I can't wait to see how pissed everyone gets when it's Washington/Denver.

Boof said...

Seattle's favored by 9?!?

Vegas is gonna go broke!