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Monday, February 27, 2006

Bye Bye Olympics

Did she make you cry
Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love
Is it over now--do you know how
Pick up the pieces and go home.

Crap List

1. South Dakota…WTF?
Say what you want about the general topic of abortion, but lets just talk about the specific examples of rape and incest in regards to abortion. One may be more inclined to think abortion would be an appropriate step in such extreme circumstances.

Not according to South Dakota government. No way. Trying to be the first state to challenge Roe Vs. Wade with the newly appointed chief justices, Sodak wants to make thier point clear. With this new bill, if you happen to get knocked up from rape or incest in Sodak you are, by law, forced to HAVE THE KID.

Gidigid-wha who could- digi munbu…WHAT THE HELL?!?

At least there’s one exception (if the mother’s life is in danger), but if someone gets preggers out of rape or incest they have to go through: all trimesters, all the ‘eating for two’, and all the emotional baggage that goes with it. And if a doctor decides to go against Sodak law and perform an abortion anyway, he/she faces felony charges.

I would think that this new bill brings a scare to the females of South Dakota. One may want to wear saran wrap tear offs around the vagaina next time they decide to move to Sodak, but for guys it may not sink in. Let me paint a picture,

You’ve been turned into a woman and after the first two years of ‘never leaving the house’ and masturbating, you decide to go out and get a job and do all that independent woman type of stuff. You end up being employed by a restaurant and decide to walk home since you only live a couple blocks away after closing up a successful day of waitressing. You walk down the street when a huge hand comes out of nowhere and locks on your delicate wrists. He pulls you into a dark garage and tapes up your mouth and is now in complete control over your body. He throws you on a table where he completely dominates you with is pathetic little penis. After the torture is over he takes a nearby wrench and clocks ya to unconsciousness where he can then flea like the coward he is. You wake up the next morning hoping it was all a terrible dream but the bruise alongside your head and your tattered clothes are physical proof of what happened. You unable to feel emotions anymore and sensible thought are nonexistent as your life will change forever. On top of all that, you’re now pregnant and you have to live the through the rape everyday for the next 9 months knowing that the fetus has the genes of a rapist.

Or guys, imagine your beautiful wife just getting knocked up from rape during the time you were both trying to have a kid. I know if that were my wife it would completely devastate me knowing that my wife 1) was raped 2) is going to carry the kid from this rapist and 3) that the kid you tried so hard to conceive wont even be yours.

Of course there is the morning after pill (I’m assuming Sodak hasn’t banned that) but rape/incest victims don’t exactly know much of anything after such an event (and rightfully so).

Here’s where I think ethics and morals are different. I believe it’s completely unethical for a woman to be forced to have a kid out of incest. However, a lot of people would say that it is completely immoral to kill a kid. That’s why I don’t believe legislation should look into morals.

The whole thing leads me to believe that the legislature in Sodak is filled with 50 something year old men who severely lack social skills and feel the need to plant their seed while they can. Why would you not add these exceptions? Why would you go out of your way to explicitly say that incest and rape victims are SOL from this new bill?

Good lord!

2. People who ‘follow the crowd’
I have become increasingly fascinated with the number of people who seem paralyzed by what complete strangers think. People who are afraid of attending events by themselves because “oh what will people think” or people that are so afraid of failing or making a mistake for the fear of being wrong or people laughing at them. I’m mostly talking about the people who do things just because others do.
Grow a set of balls and stand your ground. If they criticize you for thinking differently or going against the norm, tell them to go blow themselves. It’s really that easy because we don’t need a world of clones.

3. The winter Olympics ending.
Oh what a closing ceremony that was. It was absolutely beautiful and I even shed some quality tears. Honest to god, it was one of the greatest productions I’ve seen on television. Now I have to wait until 2010 when it will be in Vancouver and I’d be lying if I didn’t have thoughts of taking a trip to Vancouver in 2010. Of course I’ll be 30 when that happens. 30! Well, I’m already going bald so I guess I can’t look forward to gray hairs so never mind.

4. That fan at the T-wolves game
KG tossed a ball into the stands that the game yesterday and it hit a middle aged guy in face. The guy had to leave on a stretcher and has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Looking at the replay it was nothing more than a toss that would cause a someone to sneeze if it hit them on the nose (unless it was another throw that they didn’t show). In any case it appeared that the guy is looking for a couple bucks out of the deal. KG shouldn’t have tossed the ball but…what a douche bag. Do us all a favor and wear a helmet everywhere you go.


bigtime said...

Re #1
They haven't banned the morning after pill, and if someone is raped and goes to the police, they are taken to the hospital and basically flushed out! There is not much chance of pregnancy from rape as it part of the routine exam to clean out the uterus! Your not committing an abortion if you don't know the female is pregnant, within hours of the rape. Of course if someone waits and doesn't go, they could get into a jam. Also there is only one abortion clinic in the whole state of South Dakota. There are not that many abortion preformed there. Futher more.............. this is about getting the Supreme Court to make a ruling on Roe vs Wade regarding late term abortions, ie, having a baby born ALIVE and killing it after a forced delivery.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure but if they are able to persuade the Supreme Court to ban late-term abortions, what's the next step??

It's taken me three to figure it out, but this country is fucked. Our country was founded on the beliefs that government shouldn't interfere with our lives and freedoms. But if you look everyday another freedom has been taken away from us.

For the leaders of this country to base their beliefs on God and the Bible is just downright ignorant. Just because the beliefs of a few people in history are written in a BOOK doesn't mean that it's how people should live their lives today.

Aliecat said...

This law seriously makes me embarrassed to be from SD. Bigtime is right, you can still get the Morning After Pill in SD, as it isn't an abortificant, it only prevents either ovulation or implantation of the egg into the uterus. I'm not sure where bigtime thinks that not many abortions are performed at the SD Planned Parenthood? I'm not sure of the numbers, myself, but since it serves the entire state of SD and part of Southern Minnesota, I'm sure they perform a fair share of them. However, this law is extremely arrogant on the part of the SD legislature. Also, making partial birth abortions the spring board for banning all abortions is ludicrous. This a procedure that is rarely performed and if it is, it's only when the health of the mother is at stake. The whole issue revolves around who should be involved in decisions in regards to a woman's body. In my humble opinion it should be the woman in question, her doctor, and the father of the child, should he decide to be involved in that decision.