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Friday, February 03, 2006


Driving and driving
Thinking about you
Keep the car in the lines
What else would I do

Well it may not be "Woah" news (or maybe it is), but it's sure been an amazing week for me.

This past week has been: crazy, exciting, a “clusterfuck”, amazing, busy, and efficient. This past week was definitely not like any other I have had before.

Usually while working when the boss comes to see what you’re doing, it can get a little annoying and intimidating. Then when the CEO comes along things can be very stressful and people go insane in all the little departments but it’s still, it’s still a week to remember.

But when the President comes to visit your place of employment…holy crap.

Lets just say that there are no drawers left unopened and there’s no inch of space left unviewed and analyzed. On my end, work usually is a struggle with a couple groups fighting over the same work. Things get done slowly and department heads always clash and slow down work dramatically. This week all the barriers were knocked down and work was incredibly efficient. All of a sudden all the bosses, engineers, and supervisors were out and about and ready to start helping.

Deadlines were not, “Could you try and get this done by Thursday morning?” but more like, “This WILL get completed by 8am on Tuesday.” No one argues and everything gets done. Overtime is suddenly not something carefully thought out, examined, and controlled instead it’s just like, “Whatever, just get it done.” My colleagues were constantly talking on cell phones, on their feet all day, and a liaison from all the different parties involved.

All my normal work was completely cancelled because it all was in the buildings where the President was supposed to be.

Boof: So should my guys be anywhere on site tomorrow night?
Security: Ah no. Nope. No way.
Boof: I gotcha.

And that is all on “our” end. As for the everyone else, it’s just amazing how everything works.

What I find more amazing and awesome is that the places where the President visited at work I (to some very broad respect) had something to do with it.

For instance,
-I briefly helped coordinate the painting in the lab that the President visited
-The air that everyone breathes in these buildings was cleaned and filters replaced by my crew
-the auditorium (where he had his speech) was remodeled with partial help from me coordinating it.
-Foxnews broadcasted from an area which I always pass

Not that I *did* that stuff but it’s just kinda cool that you took part in that work and here it is being used by the President.

So yeah, this week has been crazy. It wasn’t even like we had weeks to prepare. We just found out on Monday!

Superbowl Picks….
I think the Steelers have this game wrapped up unless Rothleskldjoaigjdsi gets the chills and starts screwing up.

Steelers 27 Seahawks 6


Hannes said...

So you painted some walls, built a podium, changed an air filter...well, that was a little anti-climatic. :)

Boof said...

shuddup you filthy Canadian bitch!

Hog said...

You should've seen if he wanted to come over Sunday and have a White Castle eating contest