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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Internet Fads

Who's to know when the time has come around
Don't wanna see you cry
I know that this is not goodbye

I remember when my parents first got a hold on the internet superhighway. They pretty much had the computer set up and they said, “here ya go, now learn dammit.” without knowing anything about it. I believe they figured, “hey, our kid has glasses! That means he must be good at computers.”
Sure enough I was the only one using that computer because I was the only one who was interested in trying to figure it out. My friend gave me a whole crap load of games and I was discovering something everyday on the internet.

Then I stumbled on Talkcity where hundreds of people would join a room and talk. If there were only 5 people involved then things were alright and a conversation may happen, but most rooms had 80 people in there and basically the screen would scroll with,

Timmy3823: 17/f
Gmapants88: alright
Kroppyu238: how are U 2day?
Indosy293: 77/m
Pinkypink83: I’m a blond hared blu eyed lifeguard

…over and over and over again. It was fucking chaos and all the idiots were somehow rounded up in the busiest room. It was like me and my buddies in the pinnacle of drunken madness in a small room.

Then came ICQ. Remember that? You could tell who was online and you could chat and shoot the shit with all your buddies and send files while you chat. That was awesome at the time and I was hooked on that for a couple years. The concept was awesome.

Then came the aol thing, netscape probably had something, and msn had their thing too. It caught on like wildfire.

Lately I’ve been hearing all rave about myspace on how it’s “so cool” and “people are always talking” and “it’s so fun”. I also hear about all the pedophiles hooking up with 13 years olds…so I decided to try and see what the fuss was all about. Perhaps I’ll hookup iwht I added my buddies, my favorite artists, and screwed around with the functions. After a couple days of getting it set up I’m convinced that it is an organized joint for attention whores, advertising whores, whores, ADD whores, and spam whores. There’s a crapload of stuff going on and I find the whole experience very awkward.

The second day I started getting the coded spam,

“Hello I was here talking to my friend and I’m so embarrassed but I think I know you and I was too shy and…. Bla blah blah.” and there’s a picture of this attractive female on the picture. It took me a couple hours of annoying posts to figure out she’s probably some dude who sends out those fake pay pal confirmation emails.

What I find most frustrating about myspace is that your friends can post comments on your page and you cannot. I’ll get a message like,

“hey man, remember when you screwd that cow and then fell down with that cow and then got trampled by that cow? That was crazy man. Anyway hope you’re doin good!” So I’ll respond but I get “You need to be a friend to post a comment.” so I’m stuck. I can’t retaliate to comments of me screwing cows and stuff of the like. It sucks. With blogger I can respond with,
“I hope you die you son of a bitch.” or I could simply delete it which I have never done.

I’m getting messages from all sorts of people and it seems like a floodgate is open. WHO ARE THESE DAMN PEOPLE? It’s making me nervous.

I do end up biding my time by posting random things and I think that may be my niche.

I don’t know, I’ll live I guess. I should get drunk and go back to Talk city.


bigtime said...

So did you score any 13 year olds?

Boof said...

not yet but check back in a week or so.

Eric Wormann said...

I hope you die you son of a bitch.