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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Last One About the Olympics

I believe there is a
distance I have wandered
to touch upon the years of
reaching out and reaching in
holding out holding in

I mentioned that I watched the Olympic Closing Ceremonies the other night and when I typed that out, I certainly did. What I didn’t tell you is that I watched it again, for another four hours. I spent 8 hours watching the closing ceremonies. That’s a whole work day.

It was amazing though. The lights, program, and the whole production was spectacular. It was the most beautiful night in the open air stadium and everyone was dressed in jackets and ski caps. I can only imagine how much the tickets cost but I’m sure it was worth it. There are very few moments that I witness were I totally wish I was there

I can’t exactly tell how the program started because NBC was forcing the taped nodic skiing marathon and the racial prejudice the US Army had over the blacks in WWII (what that had to do with anything is beyond me) but the production started out with the medal ceremony of the Nordic skiing. It was somewhat weird seeing the Italian laying down in the snow celebrating the win in one shot and appearing in the Closing Ceremonies in the next, but whatever. It was damn cool watching all the Italians go crazy singing their national anthem for their fellow nodic champion. Finally, they had the huge parade of athletes and the countries they represent enter the arena.

They then went to this clown band from the Alps. They played some weird marching band songs and actually performed the whole YMCA deal. Again, weird but who cares. Just go with it. At the end of the music they turned all the lights off and the mood started to grow more somber. They had a spotlight this powerful fan turned toward the sky with these sky floaters popping up in the air with different symbolic Olympic events. It was quite hypnotizing and they cranked up the power for the last person who seemed to float about 80ft in the air.

After the floating dudes were over they had a couple flag lowering ceremonies signifying the end of the Torino experience. Even more somber now the program gradually turns into a giant tear filled goodbye. They lowered the Olympic flag and had the Olympic chairperson speak when a dude ran out and nearly clobbered the dude. Canada now had the stage to present their Vancouver games in 2010 to which they had Avril Lavegne singing something to a bunch of Canadians building the Vancouver games symbol. Avril Lavegne didn’t appear as the “against the grain” pop artist from a couple years ago. She had long flowing blond hair which she wasn’t trying to hide. She actually looks hot.

Now was the time for the extinguishing of the torch. A very sad and remorse program featuring Andrea Bocelli, a notable Italian singer who has an amazing voice, singing a song with verses in different languages. The song had a very slow tempo and featured 400 Italian brides stepping up to the stage with a bouquet of lit up flowers. Now I’m not one to care about weddings at all, but anytime you throw in 400 Italian brides signifying hope, it’s something very beautiful. They didn’t have some stupid story or some dumb mascot named Scoopy acting as some sort of Olympic villain. No they had these brides slowly making their way to the stages with the beautiful sounds of Andrea Bocelli. Once everyone was on stage they formed into the outlines of a dove signifying, more or less, Christianity (in my opinion), which was even more beautiful. Finally the a popular Italian gold medal skiier (also a bride) stepped up to the main stage and extinguished her bouquet while the 400 others joined in and the main Olympic torch folled suit. Oh it was so sad and beautiful. They followed with some spectacular fireworks.

Then they brought out Ricky Martin… ARRGGH

Why the hell they did that, I have no idea, but what a way to kill a mood.

Despite “shake your bon-bon”, the event was spectacular and everything was perfect. They successfully started out with joy and laughter and ended with yearning and reminiscence. I would’ve given anything to have been there and hang out with the athletes and witness the whole thing in person. No doubt that witnessing the event in person would probably make my head explode of emotion but simple high definition television did enough to bring me to tears at certain points of the ceremony.

As a result of watching this beautiful event, I’m going to make it a habit of befriending as many people as possible from Vancouver. That’s right, in order to save money on hotel rooms, I’m just gonna try and transient my way around Vancouver in 2010. I’m gonna be an Olympic bum.

Rock on

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