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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Meeting

On a chicken-hunt, huntin' for a chicken
Get paranoid when you hear my Glock clickin'
Speakin' to the punk that's tweakin'
With the bitch-ass styles I hit you like Deacon

I really felt out of place stepping up to the local city hall in my dress shirt all ready for my first local environmenal meeting. Something about the thoughts of that enormous dump I took minutes before and the well lit city council room just didn’t seem to mix. It may have also been the fact that I hadn’t experienced using parliamentary procedure since scouts almost ten years ago.

Was it,
“I’d like to motion for a move” or “I’d like to move for a motion? I know one is right and the other causes the chairman to put their head in their hands. So unless anyone was going to bring up that completely struck a cord, I wasn’t going to contribute much in this first meeting.

I walked into the city council chambers with a couple guys setting up the video cameras and the table well lit for the upcoming meeting. The meeting, like all of them, are broadcast live over the local public access channels so I knew my mom was going to watch.

I was early so I approached the table only to see my name on a fancy nameplate. I’ve always secrety loved nameplates because it’s nice to know someone took the time to place your name on them. Of course if you had a name of Jim Anderson the effect would probably wear off a little bit. I sat down in the audience seats because I was the first one there and I didn’t know how things went. I didn’t want to sit down and instantly start pounding my fingers with the gavel because it’s childish and I didn’t want to give the wrong impression (impression that I’m just a local goofball…which--never mind).

I was referred to the seats where all the packets and the agenda was nicely placed and I was told how the microphone works. At that point I sat in the chair.

Oh my god. The chairs up at the city council table are about as good as chairs can get. One sinks in right away and the swivel like any dream chair would. No resistance and no having to pick up the chair and manually nudge the rollers in the right direction because these were the best damn chairs I’ve ever sat in. I immediately felt the need to kick the feet up and tip backward for a good four hour nap but not today, I’ve got meeting stuff to do today.

Eventually everyone came in and we all took our seats. Once everyone saw themselves on the monitor we knew we were ready for the meeting to begin.

The meeting was kind of awkward because it’s hard to turn and talk to someone when they‘re all facing a non existent audience. One almost has to look at the monitor to gain some sort of eye contact with anyone or just do the popular ‘look-at-your-notes’ thing that everyone else seems to do.

I’ve always disliked the feeling of sitting higher than anyone so in that respect it’s a little power trippy. Overall it was quite interesting in how everyone exchanges environmental news and opines on each article. It allows everyone to keep up to date on everything.

Next meeting though will be different because now I know how things work and I wont be curious on what happens next. Plus, I now know I don’t necessarily need to be as dressy as I was.


Anonymous said...

Be dressy bone head! Your mom is watching. She can't bragg about you if you look like a slob!

Boof said...

yeah... perhaps you're right. I should probably wear the tank top another time